He Won’t Text You Back – What You Should Do?

  • Is this your first time getting a text from a guy?
  • Have you been texting him?
  • Did you actually receive his first text?
  • Do you still want to hear from him?
  • How can you tell if he likes you or not?

After a date that went horribly wrong, you might be wondering what to do. Most people would want a text from the guy to thank them for the date. But this is not what you want to hear. What you need to do is take a break from texting. If you’re going to find the right relationship for you, you need to leave the guy behind. However, you still want to hear from him.

Won’t he text you back? What should you do?

he won't text you back

Before I give you the real answer, I need you to accept one thing. You have to be patient. He will text you back if he is really interested. But he won’t. That’s the only way to find out for sure if he really likes you. And you will know right then and there if he is the right guy for you.

You need to know what you are letting yourself in for. There are a lot of ladies walking around out there who are risking their friendship. They are putting their hearts on the line in an attempt to have a boyfriend. Before you do this, listen to your heart. When you have good reasons to take a step back, go in slow.

The trouble with texting

First of all, don’t do it on your cell phone. When you send text messages, your phone will not go to sleep, as required, it will just keep on sending out text messages. When someone does this, it means one of two things. Either the other person has turned off their phone, or the other person is with someone else at a different cell phone site.

If it’s the former, it’s easy. Just ask the other person, and they’ll transparently let you know which cell phone site they are on. If it’s the latter, you’ll either have to deal with the other person until your privacy is respected (if they care about you anyway). If you have the other person’s phone number, you will have to call him then and leave a message. That’s it.

Why are so many girls doing this?

It’s easy to blame the girl for not being patient enough and not wanting to jump into a relationship. But the girls who put their hearts on the line are 30 minutes away from being introduced to Mr. Right. What makes women want to do this?

It’s because the man that is coming will not just want to be your friend. He wants to be more than friends and is expecting the full package. You don’t want to bring a guy then because you know he is not going to call back, and you are still hoping he does. A relationship on that level anyway because it’s just too hard to maintain.

Even if he does call back later, you don’t know him yet. He may have an ex-girlfriend or wife hanging off his arm and has hurt him emotionally. Or he just got out a divorce, which puts him in a relationship risk too. Also, he may not have dated before because of his prior relationship. A lot of women don’t want to date a guy with a spouse, even one that’s 3-10 years younger than them. They gamble that the charm will turn the newer man into the old man. Not to mention the fact that some women are just naturally very attracted to older men and try to re-brush their past with the younger man. Again, all reasons that don’t really involve you.

man texting

The point is there are inherent risks in pursuing a man from the very beginning. You always have to weigh what is most important to you against what is most important to him. And if what’s most important to him heading into a relationship is that he doesn’t get emotionally attached and you don’t share his passions, then the best thing for both of you is to take your time and let the relationship grow at a much slower pace than what you would have liked. Even if you only consider yourself a casual fling, you might be surprised by what he turns out to be in the end.

If you slow him down, he may not even give you a title at the beginning of the relationship and decide that you aren’t for him based on how he acts. He’s not sure yet how he feels about you because he hasn’t given himself to you.

What happens if you decide you like him but do not want to spend all your time with him? You have to determine if you are going to spend your Saturday nights with him. If he can’t see you on Saturday nights, maybe it’s not going to make a difference to him. He’s still taking you out on a date.