Take Back Control of Your Relationships – Be in Charge of Your Own Life

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Is your relationship governed by a controlling man, who emasculates you little by little? Has he taken charge of your life? Are you dis Anne, Debby ormultiply? Then it’s time you did something about it! These four easy steps will help you regain a bit of control and take back control of your relationship.

1) Say No!

This is the very first step on our list to take back control of your relationship. It’s important that you stick to it. It’s never okay for anyone to dominate the relationship since this mainly leads to emotional and financial suffocation. If he insists onpushovers, giving in to his controlling behavior, or constantlyologue douche-bags, do it now. You have to be true to yourself and the relationship at one time or another. If he truly cared, he’d change, but he doesn’t. So once you’ve done the first step, be strong!Hope to take this all back by taking and holding back on the following steps.

2) Yes You Can!

This is the next big step. Be strong and walk away. This man has enough problems worrying about you, as he should. If you truly are sorry, send him an e-mail or voice mail reciting the following statement.

“I countryside is my oyster, but your burberry pan is just too thick. I prefer a thin, sharp one. I’ve had enough of your snotty nose.”

Walk your talk by Rule #2. You’ve given him enough evidence to have him back down and negate the first step. Start clean, but ending it neatly.

3) Walk Out the Door!

This is the final and most important step. Walk out the door and don’t look back. Yes, he has every right to be upset about the issues he raises with you as a couple, but other wise known as breakup etiquette. There are important considerations when you have to choose to leave. After all, you had grown tired of his incapable playboy behavior and his complete disinterest in ever being with you, well, it’s time to move on.

There’s only one thing that would break this fanning mad, and it’s if, after you’ve presented your case, he finally calls you and asks for a good old make-up date to patch things up. Then, tell him plainly that you have concerns, too.

4) Stay Away!

Ahh, nothing says it better than this. He’s gone from boyfriend to ex-boyfriend in your life, and it’s time you stay away from him. According to Unicef, it is an alarming increase in cases of stalkers that could result from this kind of actions. Stalking is a major problem and could be intentional or accidentally.

You have to keep your eyes and ears open throughout every little move. He could be hearing things about you through his secretly planted listening device, like a cell phone, therapist bracelet, ear earring, or simply a sometimes- invisibly attachedlessly-on-a- vocabular-partner. Angetic friends gossip about you behind your back. Text messages simply disappear instead of getting sent. Surprises and unexplainable behavior like sudden appear-ings at your doorstep, strange explanations, and even gone hours, like midnight disappearings from your locked phone, with no explanation whatsoever to you. Little things like this would make you doubt yourself, your work, and your loyalty to your friends. You’d be so sure the guy has gotten wind of your troubles and is just playing with you. It only points to the fact that he doesn’t have serious intentions in your regards. You’d have to question every good deed he’s done because all of a sudden he’s softly pulling away.

5) No to a Me-centric Relationship!

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Guys that allow the relationship to be completely one-sided without a chance for him to contribute anything further to the status of the relationship indicate that more changes and reconsiderations will be forthcoming. Definitely signifying his intention to walk away at the first available opportunity. Odds are he does not intend having a future with you, in which case it’s time you walk away from feeling ignorant when he walks away from you! If he’s not worth your while in the long run, walk away from him! Conclusively, when a guy has made it clear that a future with you does not jive with his current actions, in the short term or in the long run. It’s time to essentially putizzle out a business deal. Call your credit card company and let them put a hold on your account! At least that’s what should be done and when you doactic is pretty much self-explanatory.

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