How To Keep Him Interested In You! Here Is How To Keep Him Emotionally Counted For You

Keeping a man interested in you is all about finding out new ways and methods of keeping him hooked. If you’re afraid that he’s going to lose interest after the initial halo of your relationship wears off, then it’s high time you looked at yourself and had a reality check. Most relationships fall apart because women stop doing their own ‘chores’ – like making love and loving – early on in the relationship.

Don’t be afraid to keep your man interested in you. Go through these steps and let him know the woman he’s falling in love with.

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Talk earnestly about your feelings for him.Just as you are eager to find out what he feels for you, you should be just as interested in what he feels for you. Your relationship happiness is a pair of mirrored boxes of chocolate-covered cherries. There’s just no room for both of you to look at it the self-reflection way.

Keep yourself attractive.Wow your man with a new hairdo (this time, make the change permanent). The idea of it is to take his breath away with a sudden wave of surprise. This is also your chance to surprise him with a neatly-pressed wardrobe. Be his surprise and he’s bound to become your surprise.

Bebizile but not a slob.You will be able to keep his interest at its peak if you’re at your best – physically and mentally. Being comfy and fit is a sure way to get his attention. Do the yoga and get a sexy new haircut to smoothly blend with your figure while staying in place.

Never be jealous and trustworthy.A man has to feel that you’re completely trustworthy. He can’t just invest his emotions and start seeing you as you are. Always be kind to one another. Loving treatment means you’re open to communicating without nagging.

Be him’ friend but more than that, be his honest friend.You’ll need your friendship if you’re going to keep the relationship. But your relationship is more than just being buddies. You’ve got to establish a strong connection where he feels that he can confide in you. In order to achieve that, you’ve got to learn to accept each other’s flaws as well as to praise successes.

Keep the surprises coming.Just when he thinks he’s seen it all, surprise him with something new. Keep him on his toes by doing things that he can only imagine doing. Better yet, if the spontaneity is lacking in any of your affairs, then make sure that he’s going to be satisfied with you. Surprise him with something sensual or intellectually stimulating.

Be his girl, then be his wife.Love should be blind but it’s also the physical and emotional aspect of relationship that makes men relive their serious side. Make love to him, and let him become your own. Your bond will keep getting stronger and stronger.

Let the privacy flow.You can freely allow him to have his own life when it comes to his family and friends. Let him spend time with them as a bachelor or even as a guy but never within the presence of your guy. It’s also wise that you maintain your separate profiles. Nothing would make him doubt your sanity if you appears to be a desperate loner.

Be his most dependable ally.Even if you still have this very individuality, let loose. Let your hair down once in a while. Don’t be too uptight or too stuffy. Relax, take it easy, let him lay low for a bit.

Have a good sex life.Since men want sex, let them have their way. Or, at least, let them have easy sex with you. Females, as they are the people who are 59% more emotional than men, they can become manipulative when it comes to sex. Let him enjoy with you and you can also let him have your own space.

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