Being In Love With A Cancer Man – Hot Signs His Love Is Overheated

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Are you falling head over heels in love with a man born between June 22 and July 21? Congratulations — you’ve found yourself a man who doesn’t think love is enough and you’re excited to get closer to him. Cancers men can have an enormous charm and you’ll be crazy about them. You’ll have white knuckle gripping the reins of the “sugar daddy” horse if that’s what you want. As fate would have it, you’re in love with a male Cancer. That’s right, he’s a romantic, sweet gentleman and you’re enjoying every minute of it. How do you handle him? You found him and now you want to make him your own. Getting in on those curves is easier than you thought. The Romance CoTRed guide helps youNow follow these hot strategies for handling him.

Remain attractive but avoid becoming too desperate.You have what it takes to land him but resist the temptation to do so. You’ve created an amazing connection with this man. The attraction is real and you need to hold on tight. This guy isn’t going anywhere. You need to have faith that what you are feeling is reciprocated. The Cancer man won’t leave you hanging, waiting for the call that doesn’t come. Keep your relationship separate from the rest. Of course you both share a passionate, loving connection, but you must protect yourselves from smothering, suffocating love.

Cool your discomfort and cut him some slack.He’s going to be touched when you say that you’re still flattered by his previous interest in you. He knows you’re hurt and he’s hoping to still win you over. Tell him that you still admire and appreciate him. This move might throw him off balance because it’s at a complete opposite of what he’s used to. His calmness will cause you start becoming less attached to him emotionally. You still need to show him that you care.

Avoid the demandot situation.You will continue to have strong feelings for this man because of his strong emotional desire for you, but you need to create room by pulling back. You can’t become his doormat by being around him all the time. When you do, he will feel trapped, Continuedtelling you how much you mean to him. You’re going to give him space and maintain your own soap opera of your life so that he misses you, but you stroke his ego in doing so. You’re still in love with him, but you’re smart enough how to handle the situation. Here’s where you step up and show your Cancer man that you have desire for him.

On your anniversary, don’t even think of sending him a card.cake and coffee for your anniversary… hey, what’s the hurry? Try to resist buying special gifts like, say, a trip to a fancy restaurant. A card or even a simple SMS will do. Trying to shove something to him will only resent you. You want him to miss you, so give him space. Pray for him. Let him know that as much as you miss him, it’s OK for him to miss you too. Love is a strong word and powerful emotion, so each one of you has to withhold it. Ask God to deliver your heart and soul to him.

Give him, although you do care, the space he needs. Your great instincts will be telling you that your relationship with your Cancer man is far too demanding. Although you feel that he makes you feel adored, run him out of your life. It’s not healthy for your relationship. Men are hunters; they want to pursue and Karaoke to their heart. Let him be free to hunt and pursue his prey, and once caught, prosper.

Karaoke is a acutely fun reinforces the heart and soul connection that he has with you as well as the marriage. sings your praise for him in the hope that he feels the same way as you feel for him. Men fall head over heels for the ladies who can sing so. So sing his praises for him. Keep it up and he will reward you.

When you are with him, especially when alone, allow the arms to hang down naturally to allow him to sweep you off your feet, like a prospering prince. Or, perhaps, the better option would be to smile at him whenever he looks at you. It’s a proven fact that sweet sexy smiles go a long way in proving that you want him. If he’s a super straight man, he will appreciate the smile as well. Ask him why he loves you? Never stop loving him because it’s the only sure way to win his heart.

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