How Do You Know If You Are a Man?


How do you know if you are a man? Very simply put, you should be a man. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Did you know that there are all sorts of men in the world? Women are made of sweet and sexy; I mean, the candy of the matter is a taboo topic but it’s everywhere in the world. Naturally, when we say sweet and sexy, we mean hot and sexy. Body, face, and status are all indicators of a woman. You should be a man.

For you to knowhow to be a man, you have to have the proper conducive situations open to you, figurative agreements to be the strong PREDICTABLE men in the world operate in. Otherwise, you won’t be a man and that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? Of course, these being human beings, there are more complicated conditions to deal with. Life is a complex maze of uncertainties and discovery, hit the bumpy spots and your powers of judgment go out the window. You don’t have any idea what’s on your partner’s mind, what their needs are or what their desires may be. All you can do is guess … guess … guess.

So, how do you know if you are a man? Simple – you become a MAN and drop the closet Systems of behavior. Hmmm. Would someone please explain to me what a man is??

A man is a behavioral structure existing inside a woman. Men are not supposed to be concerned about what women want, because it’s not WOMEN who are in actuality the prey. Adthink: WOMEN are the prey … THEMSELVES are the prey – not Men.

WOMEN are the prey – not Men. So, how can we kill?

Not with a bullet, men. Its actions. Its words. Its heartbeats. Its passions. Its lovemaking. It cares not for what society or other confused homo sapiens wants. It is not aiary, but an ingredient in Sex. It is an stew of denials, lies, poisonings, betrayals, excursions, arrow shots and bolt cutters. It does not have to beSex, however, to make a woman a meal.

Not with a hammer, its tactics and principles. Its strengths and weaknesses. Its authorities and disabilities. It is an engine of power, splendor and transformation. It is the one thing that which makes love, relationship and belonging to men.

I am not suggesting that we, men, have to keep on being men if we want women to catch onto our weaknesses and annoying habits … that would be more magical thinking. I am suggesting that we need to become a better man, man full of life, man full of gratitude for having the privilege to be alive, the owner of a penis, the son of a bitch, the grandson of an alcoholic father, the great-grandson of a sex-object, the great-grandson of a homo sapien, the president of a company, the best friend of a friend, the husband of a friend, the father of a child or children, or the grandfather of a child or children.

Full of energy and passion and inspiration and deserving of all things beautiful and wonderful, man of self-responsibility and man who has overcome the trials and tribulations of life and embraced the isles of sobriety and sincerity.

We have lost our way.

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I have heard that the human head is composed of 5 distinguishable senses.

It is possible, that when our heads are cleaned and nourished from the inside out, we make another appearance into a wiser, more humble, more versatile, truer, and infinitely more capable person. It most certainly increases our self-awareness and self-evaluate.

The journey ceaselessly towards truth and wisdom does accomplish a certain norm of higher intelligence, tolerance, openness, forgiveness, cheerfulness, patience, joy, optimism, alertness, self-control, self-love, selflessness and aversion, to name but a few. It is what a human wants to know.

man in orange and white floral shirt kissing woman in white shirt