When a Guy Is Ignoring You – Make Him Find You Irresistible!

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Most women would love to feel the intensity of excitement a guy feels when he’s ignoring her. He’s confident about his attraction towards her and she’s not so sure about how he feels in her presence. If you’re one of those women who want to make him find you irresistible, then follow these steps…

Ignore him at the start.The very first step to making him commit to you is to send him a head-start. You’ve got to leave him wanting more when he’s busy chasing your affection.Ignore him completely and you’re telling him that you are not that available right now.When he does all the ignoring, don’t respond to his behavior. Allow him to wonder if you’re the type of woman who just keeps making excuses for the man in your life.

Keep moving on.There’s no point in tormenting the man in your life. He’ll keep ignoring you if you don’t hurry and get in touch with him. Try to avoid responding to his neglecting and just keep on doing what you were always doing – keep your hopes and dreams and moving on.

Make his friends work extra hard for your attention.Try to become indispensable to him and his friends. If he sees that his friends are ready to do their best to wrangle your attention, then he’ll understand that he still has a chance to land you. Prove to the group the fact that you’re not longing for attention and that you’re actually very comfortable when you get it.

Be invisible.Or not. depending on how you do it, you could be hidden in plain sight. Be at the same activities that he’s participating in, in a crowd, yet not so close that he can even brush you aside. Keep your distance and he’ll be the one who’s going to do his level best to explore you.

Make yourself unavailable.Make your man see that he’s going to need to put in more of an effort if he wants to spend any time with you. Go to the places that he goes to and veer away from the places that you visit. Your goal is to get him to chase after you. Taking a break from each other may just do that to serve as a wake up call to your man.

Find happiness outside of your union.Let your happy moments be spent where they’re not with the man. If you’re both involved in some volunteer activity, join the effort instead. Find ways to keep yourself happy and he’ll be the one who’ll have to strive to make you happy. He’ll see how contented he is, and he’ll willingly move on because he knows that you won’t pressure him into admitting that you’re the love of his life.

Make him a little jealous.If you’ve been nothing but a patient girlfriend, then it’s time to get wild with jealousy. Have some moments when you’re in his sight. Give him a © Bat signal from time to time. Be spirited away and shelf closed for a few. Make him aware that he has to spend some time with the one and only gal.

Be a witty companion.Make your man laugh with witty conversations. Being a good conversationalist is a great come-on for a man.

Make him not ogle at other women.If you’ve been giving him the hottest looks and the sexiest moves, then stop doing it with your bestials. He won’t go around chasing other women, even if he just saw them walking past you. Keep yourself fixed on your boyfriend and he will.* Skimpy clothes are a turn-off.

Learn self-control.Instead of acting like a horny nymphomaniac, why don’t you try to read the signs that would indicate that he’s already committed. Answer some of his calls, stand firmly in front of him, and gently ask him about your future together.

Be protective of yourself.Instead of going through the same problems time-and-again, why don’t you try your best to fix them right? Although men are quite satisfied when you take care of yourselves, it would be preferable if you know how to take good care of yourselves.

Be a trusted companion.Instead of minding your own business, why don’t you go out and have some fun, with him? Know each other’s strengths. Why not learn how to celebrate his birthday or prom? Make him feel that there’s no dull moment in your relationship, and that you’re his most reliable companion.

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