Tips For Ending Guys Friends

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First tip for ending your guy friends. If your relationship is poisonous to the point that it has paralyzed you, and won’t let up any time soon, heed the following words of wisdom. Breaking up is hard to do. It is even harder when you still love your friend. What you have together is great. It would make a great couple. Imagine the things you have together yet only enjoyed occasionally, now compounded by the knowledge that you likely will not see him again. If your friendship is deeply ingrained and you can’t see your partner for a variety of reasons, the following steps will guide you to ending it.

Be sincere about it. Beware that in matters of romance, less is more. If you explain your desire to end it, your friend will not see it as sincere. Remember, sometimes the decisive factor in a relationship is not the person who makes the announcement, but the person who is walking away.

Vague feelings or irrational anger are not reliable tools for indicating an end is near. Instead, communicate clearly with your end-of-the-table-outer-views dude. “You have always been a close friend to me.” “I feel we should have more time together.” “I love your so-called ‘smile'”. Whatever you choose to writes, let it be heartfelt.

perhaps the most important piece of advice in ending a relationship is simply that it must be your decision, not his. Granted, oftentimes (and quite frankly, when you deeply care about someone and want them back), you man will ask you to stay. This is a great way to ease the pain of a breakup. All you have to do is state your case respectfully and steadfastly. Don’t be a second-ASS woman. It may cost you some heartache or a brief courtship, but the sooner you decide it is time to be consistent and committed to the new direction in your individual life, the better for both of you. If you choose to not remain friends with the fallen-friend-style, it is a sign that you have chosen to be consistent and serious with your decision. If you decide to remain friends, do be vanilla and kind in your dealings with your fallen-friend. No action-oriented behavior, please.

may you be his shining star, his sun, his moon, his star averted, his destined commutation, or his destined basis for love. So many MARRIED WOMEN out there have the MOST PASSIONATE GUYS as friends. Oh, the tragedy! How can some women not see this part of a healthy relationship? It would appear to be an embarrassment of conflict for men and women to persist in the same platonic friendships over a period of time. But if it is your choice, stick with it. You don’t want to lose him.

Be prepared for the likelihood of an angry response when you make this choice. It is pretty hard to remain calm when the very thought of cutting your losses comes up. I have heard verdicts of “nice girls” as well as good-natured, long-term boyfriends of the female persuasion walking out of “hitched” relationships.

Very well. I will harp on that more specifically in a moment. The first instant you must harp on is the fact that the friendship is gone. We don’t do “what you see is what you get” with friends. Sorry, but there is no “what you see is what you get” with friends.

Very well. You can be man — now. Never do we do that backwards. Rationally, you must inform your friend that your decision represents not only your best interests, but your own as well. It very well may be tough to make this choice, but the more you think about it and calmly talk it over, the easier it will become. You will begin to feel a bit more calm.

Very well. You can be man now. Red Flags: talk calmly with your friend and explain your decision. Be honest. It will be a bit awkward at first, these dry words do not always describe the process, so hang in there. Explain how things have worked out for the best in your best interests. Then ask, “Does he accept that (your reason for not being stuck in the friend zone)? It is really rather simple, he says yes, do you want to be ‘the girlfriend’ instead? If the answer is yes, then you have found yourself a professorial confidant. If he ups and downs, just know that he is not for you.

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