What Does It Mean When He Says You Are Special! Learn the True Meaning Behind This

man and woman standing on the beach during daytime

Being called special by your man does indeed mean something different from your man. But when he determines that you are special to him, he means that you are indeed a special person as he admires you so much. Here’s what you should know about being special.

You’re at the very center of his life.

Your man is most definitely into you if he is proud to be associated with you. Your presence, in his eyes, is like the revitalizing spirit that lit his throbbing heart. Seeing you, talking to you and even listening to you when you speak is most definitely what he loves most about you.

It’s all about you lately.

You know, it’s alright to let him see other people nowadays but to be able to retain his attention and love for you, he has to see that you have finally found your identity and became the person he fell in love with. Seeing the change in your looks and personality is what prompted him to feel as though you are now quite different from what he originally thought of you.

He wants to finally have you all to himself.

For as long as your happiness remains independent of his, then there’s no doubt that you are special. Being able to choose when and where you want to hang out is admirable – even for a man. For him, there isn’t any other girl who can make him feel excited as he is about to be with you.

You’re the one he can’t leave.

A man would most likely commit to a woman who is unique to him. Every man has his very own niche that he needs to fulfill. If making love to you is high on that list, then this man will most likely offer you the same That’s why whenever you need company and he’s not with you, he’s either out with his friends or thinking of ways to spend more time with you.

He is just being a man.

No matter how much he may enjoy taking charge and doing things the easy way, still, this isn’t an ability that you can develop overnight. He’s a man and he was born to do certain things and so it’s only natural that he bring about certain changes in his behavior. observing his actions will give you a hint on what they are.

The list of his emotional failures.

If you inquire about his past, he’ll most likely relate stories of his tragic love past. It’s painful for any man to remember a woman’s supposed love but if the feeling was mutual, then who cares? But for some men, remembering his ex girlfriend’s name comes in painful detail. It’s These type of men that you should steer clear of.

It’s these men that are just completely scared of commitment.

No matter how much he tries to downplay the issue, a partner’s commitment really eats him up. A guy who is just comfortable with the present set up is not ready to be locked into anything long term.

You are his confidant.

Men – all men – can never have enough of a confidant. When they do, it’s possible that they’re having some fits from inside. Be it work, a family or home, a man’s home is all where he can be comfortable in opening up to someone, and more so, a woman.

He just wants to be assured that you won’t leave or cheat on him, no matter what.

One of the many non-verbal cues that he is interested in you is when he begins to tell you about his personal life. And as you get to know one another, this innocent interest in the woman he wish to be with only gets more and more obvious.

Ask him if he’s had a chance to see a particular movie and when given a choice, he’ll say yes. That movie was too much for him so he can only name a few. And when you ask him for his choice in the movies, this specific movie that you mentioned a few days ago is his clear choice.

A man in love is always keen to impress his girlfriend.

Since this is the first time that you ask him about his past, this man will give you the very first scan of his past – from events, people, places, etc. only to find more interesting things dwelling in his past. And so to speak, he will only venture into telling you which he’s really enjoyed.

This is simply because he tries to prolong the current so he would be given enough time to reminisce on his past.

Truly, Valentine’s Day is a great day for lovers. So this man has chosen you as the most interesting to him within the shortest time possible.

man and woman standing on the beach during daytime