How to Ask a Woman Out – And Get a Date Every Single Time

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Most men would give their eyeteeth to learn the secrets on how to ask a woman out and get a date every single time. Face it: it’s like playing the lottery; you’ll never know whether you’ll pull the winners or lose every time. In addition, there’s always the possibility of rejection since you can never be sure that you’ll get what you want. But hey, learning how to ask a woman out doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have this helpful guide to make it a sure thing.

As a man, you may be visual creatures, however,irting is one of the ways that men express their affection for a woman. This means you can actuallyonly get a yes if you’ve visually dated a woman long enough. It’s not unreasonable that it takes a lot of effort and dedication just to ask a woman out on a date. But don’t worry, it’s not something men are naturally born with. Learning how to ask a woman out doesn’t have to be difficult, it has just gotten easier through years of trial and error.

4 Tips on How to Ask a Woman Out

• Be Confident

One of the rules on how to ask a woman out is to be confident. You have to understand that women don’t want men who are low on self-confidence. Confidence is like an exuding aura of ease and security. Women can actually feel it. Take time to observe the way other men interact with women. Watch how they walk, how they talk, and how they carry themselves. Do they walk in a slow pace, with their head held high head, and an easy stride, or do they walk in a clumsy pace, with their head down hitting the floor in fear? You need to be confident the next time you want to ask a woman out. What you need is a confident approach. Be sure you approach her in a relaxed manner.

• Have a Ready Closing Line

There are so many ways for a man to ask a woman out on a date. There is the direct approach, the casual approach, the bold approach, and the semi-honest approach. Whatever approach you take, you need to have a ready answer to the woman’s question when it’s time to ask her out. This is one of the mistakes that most men commit when they learn how to ask a woman out. They ask questions like:

What did you do today?

Where did you go?

Do you have a boyfriend/boyfriend?

Do you have any siblings?

I like you?

What do you do for fun?

What’s your favorite color?

How do you spend your time?

Are you interested in doing that chore?

What’s your favorite food?

This isn’t a good way to learn how to ask a woman out on a date. You have to start being confident, first. Then, you need to have a memorized and ready-to-implement line. It doesn’t even need to be a good question. It’s just a habit of asking questions when you go out. For instance, if you see a woman reading a book, you can go up to her and ask her about the author. Or, if you see two women shopping in the produce section, ask them if they recommend any of the fruits. It’s just a matter of asking a question, keeping the conversation going and having an easy way to get the information you need.

• Talk About Her

How to ask a woman out on a date? You have to be able to talk about her, without coming off as too pushy and aggressive. So, if you see a woman reading a book in the grocery store, ask her about the book. Or, if you see a woman standing in the lingerie section, you can ask her what she finds in that store. That way, the conversation will automatically stay on her interests. You can then hang out that topic by talking about what you like about that. It’s easy.

• Know When to Pounce

Another way onHow to Ask a Woman Outis to have eyes on the prize. If you are one of those people who want to succeed in a movie before seeing it, do your research. Leave your house 20 minutes before the movie starts. That way, you can at least know what movie you’re going to take her to. That way, you can actually decide where to go because the potatoes are okay in the grocery store, but seems dead in the bedroom.

If all else fails, just ask.

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