He Is Reluctant to Talk About the Future! Learn What He Will Do in the Future

You are in a relationship and your guy is not forthcoming with terms of future commitment. How can you find out what he thinks about the two of you? If he is not willing to talk about the future, there are some things you should know.

He does not see the two of you as a pairing yetTake the situation with perspective. He does not see you as a couple until he does. So he is still in the process of becoming a permanent partner in your life. So why is he not willing to talk about the future?

He is unsure of his feelingsJust because he is enjoying the relationship with you, does not mean that he is not in a loving relationship with you. This spirit of uncertainty is typical with guys at times because they are not ready to commit. The main problem is that he is unsure of his feelings for you.

He wants to enjoy the status quoJust because he enjoys the status quo, it does not mean that he is in the relationship just for the status quo. It has to be as a permanent partner. He wants to enjoy the status of being in a relationship and he is not willing to change it at this stage.

He does not want to be tied downJust because he enjoys the relationship with you, it is not adequate for him to tie you down till the time he is ready. He would like to be certain of his feelings for you before he commits himself and has to see case for the future. You recognize this subtle hint that he throws around and you think he is not serious.

You don’t appear to be his interest shown elsewhereWhen he is with you, he never shows the interest in other women and your conversations and activities are cordial, but just normal. As you get to know of his other girl friends, he behaves in similar manner. The occasional eye to other girls does not induce him to go any further into the relationship with you.

He is quick to cancel dateWhen he senses that you are a little disappointed over the canceling of the date, he shows his aggravation by openly Ridiculing you and cancelling the date. This happens very early in the relationship. Be mature in your approach and explain the circumstances arms along. He will drop that excuse at an opportune time.

He is too much in a hurry to be clearsignedWhen in a hurry to spend sometime with you, your guy practises one trick he learnt in promised stories class. He exchanges photographs on his phone with someone he sees as a more successful date. Since such photographs are now an archaic and outdated form of communication, he does not bother to demonstrate his genuine love and intimacy. You must realize that it is just an excuse to some extent.

He is scared of the commitment of the relationship to somebodyHe thinks that you are too serious and predictable in your relationship. He is not sure that you are his most suitable choice of a life partner. Furthermore, he is not confident about spending his entire life with you even after a few months of dating. This is a classic case of the “all that it takes”. He is scared to be tied down.

He has not enough time for youWhen you are busy with other things in your life, there is not spare time for you. There is not a single moment to meet up with you as you have things to do, you go to work, take care of any baby chores that may fall to your way, and even after returning from office, you have an Alternative route back to home and take the train back home. This is not a happy situation to be in and he has not prepared himself enough for this.

There is no proper communication between the two of youA relationship is a two way process. While there is mutual love and attraction, and you are always together in spirit, there should be a clear line of communication between you both. This is consequently affected by the lack of direct contact or chatting between the two of you. There is no opportunity for each other to share their feelings. This makes things even more frustrating.

Attraction alone is not enoughWhen physical attraction makes a couple hang out together, it is wonderful. But the couple must also be attracted to each other intellectually. There must be something about each other that is stimulating and exciting. There was a study that showed physical attraction alone does not stimulate a person intellectually. While it is exciting and stimulating for the physical aspect of attraction, it hardly holds the couple together.

You must realize that every relationship is uniqueIt is crucial to realize that a relationship is a partnership. While this gives a very strong emphasis on the “we”, it lacks the pair’s effective interaction. This is essential and cannot be overlooked. When you realize this, it clearly defines the role of each person in the relationship.

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