Women Men Adore – whispering to sweethearts is the key to conjuring true passion!

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Women men adore – that is the name of the game. At least that’s what I was taught in my young days of love. Being a man, it never ceases to amaze me and seeing women of all ages with men of mean and inviting demeanor, doing all they can to please the ladies and striving to be the best man they could be for the ladies and yet it seems like the very same women are turning their backs on me. I have come to the realization that something is wrong.

For years I could go on talking about how wrong I have been. I was taught to place all my eggs in one basket. That basket used to be filled with all my dating and relationship goals, accomplishments and showcases that I had achieved thus far in my life.

It has been said that we learn something new every day. What I realized over the years is that there is no new information and wisdom to be gained sitting around waiting for love to find me. Around that time I started reading everything I could find about relationships and how to create a fulfilling fulfilling future with a wonderful woman. I bought and read every book I could to be able to share with others what I had discovered.

I realized that I was sharing my achievement and knowledge with other people, but was this really sharing or giving of myself? During one of my workshops a young lady came up to me and told me that she was having the same experience with her 3 sons. I encouraged her to share them with me and even offered to help coach her in some of her areas she didn’t feel to strongly in anyway. Just like her situation, I thought there was no harm in sharing it with a woman as I wanted to share with her exactly the experience and proven steps to help her bring it into her life as a successful woman. She enthusiastically agreed and later said she will be going with me to learn how to change her marriage. That was 8 years ago and today she is happily married.

Many women that come to me for guidance and to get clear on their mistake will tell me it is frustrating to do it all yourself. After all you are the one who have created the situation! Rather than advising another person, myself I feel this is my duty as a man to help the women men adore to be assured that there are proven ways to bring their best into their lives and as a man, it is my responsibility and responsibility alone to share these with them. It saddens me when these women, who come to me, that the men they have come to love and adore eventually leave them for another woman once a relationship gets a little bit dry! This was not intentional on their part, but they were not focusing on the overall goal, that is, to love and adore a man of high enough caliber to fit into their life..

There is one thing that I feel that may be limiting factor in their having a fulfilling relationship. I call it H subtitles.. (His Name). Some men are subconsciously withholding giving out the information that is necessary to enable you to love him as a man. For instance, the man may be giving you the data that all he needs to commit to is monogamy without commitment. Your boyfriend may give you the data that you can talk to him about the place you will both be having in your future. Sometimes the information is communicated or made available to you, but then you find yourself chasing the answers with no answers. For those women that love him but can’t figure out the H trivaneous the data in his life is incomplete, this is the way it is done.

So I strongly advise that you all outCLUSively seek out all available evidence of the men you currently have in your lives. You’ll be surprised at the young and tender things that you have in common. Plus, personal growth towards temporary indulgence in fewer of the things that currently seem to be off limits. You’ll learn how and where to compromise without compromising your heart. Set aside the resentment you are feeling and celebrate the value that the men you are in relationship with bring to your life. The men that you have in your life bring you new understanding, compassion, joy, and laughter. The one you love for these reasons are the men to call your own. If you’d like more information on how to attract your soul mate check outhttp://www.icheverkindofman.com.

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