Things Women Never Tell Their Boyfriends

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Telling Telling your girlfriend things about herself is the one thing a woman will never tell her boyfriend. This is something every woman needs to learn – Telling the truth about things that matter the most to her. Whenever there is something regarding yourself or your relationship with her, be sure to bring it to her before she tells it to someone else.

If you have been in a relationship for a while but you feel like she is withholding a lot of things from you, including her feelings, be thankful she is letting you know everything she is feeling and everything she is thinking. It is important you are able to connect with her in the way she wants, so communicating openly is always a good first step. Telling her you want to be able to communicate openly about everything will make you realize that she is probably just as nervous as you about making sure the relationship is working out. Here are the three main groups of things that men never tell their girlfriends about:

1. Her feelings and thoughts about things

2. Her physical health

3. Her nurture and upbringing

When a man is growing up, he learns to hide his emotions because it is to the feminine. As a boy he can become emotional, but will still have a hard time expressing that in a modernized fashion. This is one of the main reasons why the guy is confused when his girlfriend brings up subjects like their feelings, being rejected or belittled, being told how dumb they are, issues at work, or a Skill that he has no interest in or no knowledge of. Men put off talking about their feelings, even to their closest friends, because they don’t quite feel comfortable talking about what they are feeling inside. Early on in a relationship this will be difficult but as a couple mature in relationship, they will be able to tell each other what they are feeling. Of course these conversations come out slowly and naturally. Women know one of the biggest things men never tell their boyfriends about are their feelings towards them.

3. Her feelings towards a female friend

Men never tell their girlfriend about a female friend until well after they are in a committed relationship. This is for several reasons, but primarily because they don’t want their girlfriend to get too attached. They are afraid of her telling them about someone else, or worse, discussing a situation with another girl. Also, they don’t want to beigh shy to tell her about a friend that is very important in their lives, especially if the friend is a girl. Finally, when a guy is pretending not to be involved with an ex girlfriend while getting back, or trying to arrange a meeting between his new girlfriend and ex girlfriends, he wants to keep the guilt at an absolute minimum. Thus, he never discusses their relationship, or her feelings towards him. Now, if it’s HE who is unwilling to talk about their relationship, something must be going on, right? It’s a common belief among women that when males are hiding their feelings, something is not right. Maybe he’s really not interested in getting back with her, maybe he just wants to keep her around to see if ‘he’ can charm her, or maybe he just doesn’t have the courage to tell her how he feels. Therefore, instead of him discussing it, women will incorrectly interpret this… and end up being angry at him for not opening up to her. And what does she do? She stays with him, because, deep inside, she knows there’s something more than meets the eye. This issue goes beyond romantic relationships and has been an obsession for human females for thousands of years.

When a guy is not comfortable telling a female what he’s feeling, even to the girlfriends he discusses this with, he really could be having feelings for another female. Men constantly think that romance and sex are the only way to express their love for a woman. And for women, to signal that he’s comfortable sharing intimate feelings with her, is to initiate sex with him. Now, this is not to say that women don’t admire sex, or a good night kiss, or a shared experience at a hot beach. It’s just that when women show subtle hints of their affection, men are receptive, but when it comes from a male he senses, he sees a challenge. Men interpret advances by women as a sign of interest, rather than pleasure. While females do pick up on subtle hints, in a socially neutral environment, such as meeting new friends, the males are still responsible for leading the interaction.

“It is exceptionally unfortunate that the male has not been able to comprehend this, because it would seem to him that females were giving signals to him, and he was not receiving them. There are several reasons for this situation, and I will discuss each one below, and hopefully they will help anyone understand this situation a little better.

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