How to Know If He Just Wants to Be Friends – Learn How to Read the Signs & Know If You Befriends Will Ever Get toossom Into Something More

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Guys are best known for what they are: their big shoulders, bound chest and roguish eyes. But when they choose to keep running after a woman who seems, at first glance, to be way out of their league, all reason and sanity go out the window and the desire to be “BFF” material compelled them to keep pursuing her no matter how many times she’d clearly decline their advances.

Yet this is just what happens more often than you’d think. In most cases, it’s all but impossible to tell if a guy is romantically interested in you early on before he’sshipmates. But there are some ways to detect early on if this guy is just being courteous and trying to keep it cool, or if he’s more interested in just being friends.

Early signs that he’s more interested in friendship…

His friends manner towards you-

He’s more than likely giving you the usual “get to know you” treatment, and he’s never even made a move to strike up a conversation yet boasts about his bed room prowess. Most likely he’s just letting you come closer to him on your own for now, while he smooths his attire and flies off on his business.

The number of times he made the move to become friends first…

One of the earlier signs that a man is just interested in friendship with you is when he grants you permission to hang out with them, with just the two of you. And he’s probably been doing this a couple of times before.

He didn’t bother to introduce you to his family or friends-

He’s just waiting for the green light to get all personal with you. He most likely isn’t even interested in hearing about your past relationships, or other drama that occur with other men in your life.

He doesn’t exert any effort to spend more time with you…

Since this guy is more interested in hanging out with you rather than going out and trying to impress you, then you can conclude that he’s just being courteous. Which is nice… till you realize that you really don’t have feelings for this man, why would you keep hanging out with him.

He generally Ok with your current schedule…

Hanging out with you entails lots of visiting and it also entails that you ask him as to when he’d be free to go out with you. And a guy who’s not even interested in you romantically would never even bother fixing an upcoming date with you.

He doesn’t discuss his future plans-

Almost as an afterthought, a guy who lacks romantic interest would not discuss his career prospects with you. He won’t discuss where he’ll be working in the near future, what he plans to do as he goes on a vacation with his friends, or even his own plans for the immediate future. All he’d like to do is let you get to know him as a friend from the very beginning – and that’s simply too late, my dear.

He isn’t caring about your feelings-

In more than one occasion, youMs. Whateverthat you’ve said sorry or asked if you can see him some other time, he isn’t even bothered to apologize for his behavior. If you wait long enough, he would probably say yes to your every whim.

He would never admit wanting sole possession of you-

Unless he’s bereaved and has lost his wife, the first thing a man who wants to be romantically involved with you would do is to squelch any talk of marriage in your relationship. He might talk about future plans, but only with the hope of getting himself – or her – as the princess in the Cove. He wouldn’t want to even entertain the thought of exclusivity. He would just prefer to be “friends” in the first place, and would never give an additional reason why you should be with him.

He isn’t interested in seeing you at all outside of your request-

When he’s the one who wants to have a date with all of his buddies, or when he prefers to spend his Friday nights visiting his parents instead of going out with you on a Friday night, then you might just want to reconsider taking him back with you. He’s just not into you.

He isn’t interested in satisfying your needs either-

If he’s just keeping his distance from you in order to get time to work on certain important projects, you can’t expect to end up with a guy who is so busy satisfying himself that he has absolutely no time for you. Or can you? Maybe you can.

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