Fun Date – The Best Date of Your Life

If you have been single for as long as you can remember, you know how it feels to be without a partner in your life. Maybe your friends have a steady relationship going or how about your family is filled with people, but no one seems to want to form a bond with you. Now, if this seems like a really cursed way of life, that’s because it is! Allow yourself to breath deep and take a look at the fun side of life. Yes, there is always fun to be had, and if you can go out and experience new things, there’s going to be a lot of happiness entailed with those experiences.

In case you decided to dive into the frothy waters of dating, the most important rule to remember is simple and simple, always background check your date. Absolutely no criminal background checks please! Here are a few more things that you should know when it comes to dating.

Dating is stressful and could leave you very emotionally drained. The key to successful dating is following a dating rule even if it may seem counterintuitive. Always maintain a positive mindset while you are dating because someday you may get very frustrated looking back at all the dates that don’t turn into anything special. Not to mention the fact that you may wish you could find that special new love in your life, but you may be wishing for the right to get back in the dating game as soon as possible.

Along with dating, never ever hide the fact that you are lonely. While you have your tastes, interests and passions, a lot of people don’t. When you express that you are lonely, a lot of people are willing to venture into the unknown and be that someone special that you are searching for. Loneliness is not an attractive emotion and the truth doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. If you are lonely, people want to be the right person for you.

Deciding who to date and finding someone to love should be based on a careful and thorough inquiry. It can be daunting to even the most outgoing of people to zero in on the right person when there are so many unknowns involved. Here are a couple of things to ask yourself prior to going for someone that could be more than just a date.

1. Ask yourself if you truly and completely love the person. If not, then you should move on. If you do love the person, then you have decided to give the relationship a chance and start over. You want to find someone that you are completely happy with. Life shouldn’t be a compromise. If you choose to enter into a relationship, you should want a relationship that adds to those things that you love the most about your self.

2. Are you completely honest with yourself? You want to fall in love with someone that you are completely honest with. If you go out on a blind date with an intention other than to have fun and enjoy the evening, then you will ultimately regret the day you ever went on the date. Honesty is the key to finding that special new friend and long-term relationship that you have dreamed about. If you are not honest with yourself, you will not be honest with the person you are on a date with.

3. Do you do things that help you grow as a person? If you are not growing as a person, how can you expect someone else to grow for you? No one wants to date a individuals whose life and emotions don’t bring them closer together and bring them closer. If you are not growing as a person, the relationships that you forge will never strengthen to become a mutually beneficial partnership.

4. What do you ultimately want out of a relationship? It is similar to asking someone else out on a first date for a first date, what do you want out of a relationship. Is it a casual relationship where both individuals just want to be in each other’s company because you are bored and feeling satisfaction that you have chosen to be with someone? Or are you looking for a long-term relationship because you are looking for marriage and a family? Or are you concerned with things outside of marriage such as wealth and a stable home? It’s good to know just how you feel about a particular person before you go out on a date.

Dating has its perks and can be a very enjoyable time. Just keep your common sense and be honest with yourself. Don’t sacrifice who you are to allow someone else to come into your life and hold a door open for you. Don’t hand over everything personal when you only know someone for three or four hours. Don’t let them manipulate you. And don’t have sex with them before you speak to them about being exclusive. Otherwise you might find yourself in a one-night stand and that will leave you alone the next day.

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