Give That New Relationship Some Emotional Room To Grow

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Everyone knows about sexual predators. Primarily men, they are physically dangerous, cunning and dangerous. There is a lot of fear in society associated with these sexual predators. Sexual predators feed on your feeling of safety and security. If you have a new relationship and you don’t feel safe, you are kidding yourself. The guy at work who likes your co-worker’s little boy is a sexual predator. He is after your body, your mind and your heart. The one at your front door who is going through your message in your cell phone is a sexual predator. He is after your private parts and your bank account. You are sitting in front of your computer, bored and overwhelmed, wondering how to close a deal. A sexual predator is attached to his computer. He is attached to his computer because he is on the Internet lotting about with his grisly and twisted mind. This same guy is usually found through a generic online dating site. His profile is posted for several months or years. His is not difficult to read. His picture is usually the same. The guy at your local Air Line is a sexual predator. His is not a picture for you to see. It is not difficult to see. You know exactly what you are getting with this guy because he is everywhere and in every place, except your bed.

The good news is that the guy you do see in the days before you are ready to throw him out is only a sexual predator. The rest of his life will harbor the remains of mental and physical violence he has already inflicted on you and will continue to inflict on you for quite some time. This is disturbing and it is Pastorpered(r). Let’s hope that after your next encounter with him, it is not another four-letter word vanish(r).

Pastorpered(r) is a great topic and a book that I recommend everyone to check out at the local library. You will find more helpful information there than you could imagine. It is no wonder that some predators will never get out of jail. They prey on the vulnerable and the naive to their base cravings (raping). When you find that you are about ready to throw a guy out on his own grounds, exercise enough patience until you find the information that you need. It is all in there, readily available. There are a lot of predators but these particular predators should be freely given the chance to hunt around for their next victim(women). These particular predators have no respect for anyone. They stalk, harass and kill women.

Predators prey on the innocent and the vulnerable. They have no respect for women, and would never dream of even sticking around a single mother. This is another reason why women within their crime haven’t been able to protect themselves fully. Yet, the best thing that I feel can be done for these predators is Treatment.

Treatment is the main key on how to prevent female victims of sexual predators. Like I said, these predators prey on the trusting and vulnerable. It’s only fair that these predators be given a chance. These boys are leading these girls to nowhere. If it comes down to doing away with them, I advise male predators be given a chance. These boys have no respect for women. Women should be protected first.

He isn’t a predator. He just needs a chance to get away from society for a little while. I wish the guy at the end of this article who was caught up with the predator in our lives would have been given due process. What could have been a simple mistake turned into a nightmare. The young woman was almost strangled to death. Instead of protecting her, the system decided to side with the predator. It is part of why we are as human beings……aware. The predator has no respect for anyone, and almost never sees the humans they have preyed on as people. They see themselves as superior to everyone.

They have no respect for women. In fact, they see women as fragile, needy and feminine. These are all traits that are the qualities that cause the opposite sex to be attracted to them. These boys prey on the weak. They need to see the woman they are with as fragile in the way they are. They also need to see their mate as not so confident. Instead of holding the woman up to their expectations as society tells them to, they need to see them as unconfident.

I know what you are thinking. This does not sound right at all. There are both the good guys and the bad guys. These are the guys we should all avoid. But is that the case? I believe that both the good and the bad can make for a great relationship.

For every individual, consider your thoughts and feelings. Sure, love is all about chemistry. We could talk for days on end about every different way one reacts to every variety of chemistry.

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