Why Men Cheat – And Break Your Heart

Have you been cheated on and broken-hearted?

What went wrong? Why did he do it? Had he been cheating on you or had a history of cheating, self-deception, or infidelity? Would you like some support so that you can stop these recurring thoughts of lying in this relationship?

Whether you are the one who was cheated on or you have trouble trusting any man anymore, here’s what you need.


Stop wondering

If the guy who cheated on you come into your life and hurt you, then stop wondering if it was him. They only break up with you because they are not the marrying type. Most men not only cheat because they are dissatisfied with their current partner, but they are severely disturbed and unhappy with their lives generally. In the case of your boyfriend, it was an appropriate reaction to the situation, given his personality and background.

It’s Not You

He may have cheated on you because he has lost interest in you. It may be that he is attracted to another woman and feels like he can’t match up to her and what she represents in the physical sense. Also, it’s possible that he felt like he was protecting you from severe damage in the form of an affair.

Believe Him

When you are asking yourself if he’s cheated on you, then you have to quiz yourself… Is it because of you? You don’t think he’s a cheater, but then what on earth makes you think that he wasn’t? It may be difficult for you to believe them now, but keep asking yourself until it is confirmed. He may have been cheating on natural causes, and it really wouldn’t hurt for you to open your eyes and see what is really going on.

Tell Your Friends

The simple answer to verify his cheating is to talk to his friends, or his relatives, to gauge their perceived situation. They may either suspect you or admit that there is probable cause to the accusation. Which way will you take?

Disclose your Feelings to him

As difficult as it may be, it is of pure importance that you tell him (or whoever it is that he is) straight out that you don’t think he is cheating on you. It will be difficult for him to remain calm at this time, but his silence gives him away. If he is cheating, he will not speak to you for days and weeks at a time.

Head to the cops

One very dumb technique that some guys resort to when caught cheating is to try to confess their misdeeds to the police. This makes for a very awkward interrogation, and the tactic is destined to fail as it is only bound to make things worse. Stick to the best option available to you, which is to question him when he is at home.


Tell your partner

It may be hard to bring up the issue of cheating directly but honestly tell your partner straight away that you don’t believe him and don’t want to be around him doing something he hasn’t been up to. This does not mean you should not find out what he is cheating on, just that you must tell him. If you feel like his silence poses a problem, then, fortunately, you are equipped with the skills necessary for accurate information that will help you determine whether or not he is worth the chase.

The courtship behavior

If your guy is cheating, you will probably observe a distinct change in his behavior. He will be wary around you, and not as sweet and charming as he once was. Every relationship has its rough spots that the two of you will fight over, and if he is now avoiding you, he is subtly telling you that there are no problems between the two of you. You should not consider this thoroughly a negative thing, simply that the two of you are past the “honeymoon” stage and are traveling to a more severe phase.

Gather your own Evidence

Your partner may try to change the topic and blatantly try to avoid you. However, this is still a definite sign that he has something to hide, and as earlier mentioned, one of the simplest ways to find out is to go straight to the source and ask. As a last resort, you may wish to call his friends and confront him head-on, but ensure that you behave maturely. Otherwise, the situation could spin out of your control, and you could be left facing career difficulties or a career criminal.

Verify the Evidence

Another straightforward method of finding out is to go to the source and ask for witness statements or other evidence. A very crucial thing to keep in mind is to be patient. Without being too intrusive in the continuation of your conversation, insist that he turn around and be honest to yourself, but never allow him to lie to you. It is essential that the statements you gather are absolutely correct, and they are consistent with your being in his presence.