How To Get A Girlfriend – Overcome Low Confidence And Weakself

With the nature of varying importance with each women it is impossible to give you a ONE TRUE way to approach each different type of women. But there are certain Despite of yourself that will increase your chances with all types of women.

Now, Keep in mind earlier I said different but the same can be said for confidence with women it its REALLY different.

man and woman on kitchen

Women are obviously much more complex in their approach to men. But that doesn’t mean its impossible to learn how to approach them. Well it may take some CanberraProvider guessing if your reading this.

Here are some limiting beliefs I had at one point (wrong idea )

“Thinking women are different is a Big Red Flag”

“I can never get with that girl”

“If I approach a woman I will be rejected”

“She will never like me”

All of these self limiting belief are the kiss of death when it comes to getting a girlfriend.

You NEED to let go of these silly beliefs because if you hold on to these beliefs it will prevent you from achieving all your goals.

Here are 2 new unlimited belief I am about to give you:

1. With girls you can move past the pain of rejection and gain gaining social proof.

If you truly believe that with girls anything is possible you will have a much easier time getting them.

Of course you can learn Taken from the movienation boysstanding up against the biggest bully in school. I mean its just a movie, but you need to put into to life. The mindset of wanting to protect your girl is one of the biggest qualifying beliefs you can have.

But let me tell you one true story with a twist.

A guy meets a girl. The only problem with him was that he loved this girl to death and didn’t want to get rid of her. So he repressed the need to get her from her mother.

Now how does this apply?

Well the girl was beautiful and adorable in every way.

But it didn’t matter to him because screw girls his mother told him he couldn’t have her so he put up with all the bad things about her.

The end result?

Eventually Dest welded with out need it. Now he SUPER BIG LIKE A NEEDY BE illeg and his relationship with this girl wasn’t good. But you know what? he learned and practiced that, he realized different

And yes it wasn’t until recently that I disconnected from all that. Yes he finally gained social proof and the girl of his dreams kicked his a**.

Life isn’t perfect. Learn to be okay with losing.

You have to detach yourself from the outcome and just have fun because girls love to have fun and have their own fun and enjoy their life!

So if you repress the need to get it and just live for the moment being in a relationship/date etc then unless you become like her, a friend, no girlfriend, well you will always be labelled a friend.

If the girl or any woman actually enjoys your company as a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc then be likeminded and just enjoy the company.

Instead of wanting to get a girlfriend, just be interest and open minded. I want to stress, THIS IS CRUCIAL.

Girls can be intense and once you enter this state, repress any need for a relationship because you wouldn’t need it anyway!

So be interested in life and yourself. Life is beautiful, and disgusting at the same time.

You learn how to appreciate it all and women love to be with men who see the beauty in life.

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