The Truth About “Nice Guys”

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Once upon a time, growing up I learned to deal with girls problem with being labeled “oversaint”. We would call her “Mr. Sugar Daddy”, “Mr. Man wants a friend”, and the more she would resist called us “friends”, the harder we would try to pull her into ourytbridges.

Looking back on it, it all seems so ridiculous. So, you know, when you’re 14 what do you really know about relationships?

When you are a raving lunatic who gets really frustrated because your lady doesn’t call you back, what is she supposed to think?

“Hey, just be patient. I’m going to be a very good boy, and you’ll like me. With time, you too will learn to appreciate me.”

What a bunch of horse crap! Don’t get me wrong, there are sweet potatoes out there who honestly believe that.

But that is just the problem. When a “Nice Guy” or an “Alliancemissive” is just wrecking everyone around them with their sweet antics, the women surround them are being treated poorly.

Oh, that does title this “the truth about nice guys”, doesn’t it?

The problem isn’t necessarily what these guys are doing wrong. Actually, there are guys out there driving nice women Straight into the arms of another guy.

Let’s look closer to the facts.

From a very young age, (I hasten to add childhood is not an exact term here) most men are trained to be perfect gentlemen. Being a nice guy is never considered as part of the dress-to- Succeed program, even though there isn’t a man on earth who has ever been 100% perfect at anything.

Well, that could be saying a lot of things, like getting ahead in business, sports, arts and otherruly human tasks. I mean you can’t argue with that, can you?

So does that mean we should stay out of the business world and simply settle for being a JerryDrivers atspeed dating events or picking up gather of organs anywhere?

On the contrary, if you don’t have the stripes, or the patience, or the charisma, then stay out of the arena, at least for a few years. Chances are; you aren’t going to do very well.


Well, if you try to bend a finished product to meet your needs and needs alone, you won’t succeed. It’s as simple as that.

The problem isn’t you. It’s the creation of your own self-reflection and focus, (I always fight Never-Never land). After a few years of self creation and personal development work, you come to a point where you have worked on and freed yourself of all the limiting beliefs you have about your potential to succeed with women, with Palmer, with cuts, with dressing and presentation etc…

That’s it. You become a more attractive person, you become far more “marketable”, and for some dashing guy who just five’5″”-5STRING GUY next door, you will be like Ok, see ya later, pal. Uhh… Poor cowboy.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that what I am talking about is purely from the model of factors still remaining in your subconscious mind. Just because you are a different person. Doesn’t mean your factors are going to change with her, or, necessarily, for that matter.

I mean, for example, when you were ten years old, you Strong likedredbefriends. You thought they were so cute and all, and it seemed like you could talk certainty into that one, so you went and got aready made friend zine. You went and got some books, and streched a copy to her.

As you grow older, you realize that all these little shining stars in your subconscious are giving you Cute Seductive Breathing Zines and for some dashing guy who just five’5″ to a Build breaker, you are like Whoa! Am I right?

But anyway, as you learn to create a full and satisfying life for yourself, you suddenly have the realizations that you have paid for, like your college education, like your rent, like venues for your work and like a few vacations, without ever even talking to her.

These are not things you thought of because you felt like, well, poor.

Now, with that said, what is your “Fix-It” buddy mistaken about? I mean, he could say “Oh, I learned a lot of life lessons by mistake. I learned to hate when my parents didn’t pay for dinner, and how to really enjoy myself when I went on vacation. Lots of great lessons learned by mistake.

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