The Dating Game – 3 Ways You Can Get a Boyfriend

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Dating is just like a game but in a slightly more strategic manner. You could say dating game most resembles the board game but with one important difference; you Participate in it. In dating game, you must use the same strategy to win. If one tries hard, the other just gives in.

So how can you win this dating game? Simple. In a similar fashion to a game of chess, you have to advance piece by piece. Each turn, move out a little further. It’s not over until you win or lose. Here’s one advance you can make.

Assuming you’ve shut your mouth and are no longer suffering from any horrible fits of giggles, let’s start with your looks. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what you got. Do you think you can be the centre of attention, a pleasant Surprise that people love to be around? possibilities are, you can be.

So now you know you can be the centre of attention, let’s get to the other part of the dating game plan. How? Present yourself as the ultimate person that every guy loves. How do you achieve this? By believing in yourself and your abilities, seeing yourself as fascinating, and most importantly deserving of love.

Believe it or not, that’s it. There is no more, at this point, than you do not have to achieve great things in order to be in a great relationship. Your dating game can be a cake walk Follow these simple steps and watch your Turn-Ons increase and multiplied throughout the upcoming months and years.

Be the Storyteller

Is there a story in your life that is a true love story? Have you ever felt like true love is exactly what the doctor ordered? Can you write a love letter, Command her to read it, and absolutely command her to fall in love with you?

command her to read it. command her to fall in love with you. command her to give you her number. command her, at whatever cost, command her, in a business situation, to do what ever it takes to put your career and your personal life on the same track.

Too often, we are sitting back, sucking up steam and other guys don’t come and do the things that make us feel so hot.

Too often we wait for the opportunity to tell a story, or to share a Partner’s story. At the end of the day, is there a story, a life or a talents that you treasure that you have yet to reveal to the world?

Your turn now is to stop settling for the familiar and for the yet-unknowable.

Your turn now is to create your own future.

Now there’s an old expression that says: “there’s no such thing as a lost cause”.

Ex quo est en daring.

seeking the unknown, with all its wonders, its benefits and joys.

Now, create that future. Now, here’s the possible secret. Now, create your own future.

No matter what happens, now, here’s the possible secret:

There is on one hand what science can tell us about the human sexual response, what sociological data tells us about the human sexual response.

And on the other hand what a whole host of ancient cultures, religion, spiritual beliefs and suffering traditions tell us about the human sexual response.

The Sirian equation essentially solves that problem by suggesting that because women have evolved to choose amongst many males with great health and strength, arts and literature, music and art, languages have emerged with its voices, music and cultures.

That women can respond both rationally and irrationally to workspace and resources, impatience and urgency, unpredictability and uncertainly and to something beyond survival and resources.

It’s the irristic limb of our intelligence that says that any process that can satisfy our desires for health and safety and procreation can have a positive impact on our lives.

What I’m saying here is that science CAN inform us about the relevance of sex and thebiological, social and evolutionary relevance of sex, yet it cannot create a relationship. It cannot evolve into intimacy.

Now that we’ve gotten that part out of the way, let’s get back to the original question.

Will you spend money on her, take her out, impress her, wear the clothes, pay for the taxi, do the things that will decrease your value?

These are reasonable questions when faced with contemplating what to include in your profile, but they are not the only questions to ask. You need to think beyond the purely financial answers.

And that’s where the “She’ll begin to crave a relationship” answers should come into play. You shouldn’t necessarily focus on what to spend, or how to spend it.

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