Inner Game Authenticity – Your Gift is Her Pleasure

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“Are you afraid of pleasure?” a profound question asked by David Deida in one of his many outstanding books entitled “Wild Nights”.

Is anyone of a certain age (18??) having wild awakenings in their heart that speak to them in this way, “Are you afraid of pleasure?” Maybe some of you were. Maybe this has happened to you. Perhaps you are a recovering alcoholic. Possibly you have used drugs. Possibly you have been sexually abused, perhaps your parents have divorced and you are alone. Perhaps you have had a string of bad relationships that ended in heartbreak. Perhaps you are a single parent and need romantic energy to keep you going. Although nobody can give you “the gift of holding the secret,” the gift of holding the secret can only add to your vitality, abilities, perspectives and gifts.

What happens when we are stopped dealing with our gift of authentic connection? Our gift of being connected, of being present in the moment with everything, includes our passion, assertiveness, sensuality, playfulness, excitement, and raw emotions–our “gift of being intimate.” No, it does not mean that we are ” posed” or ” suspended.” No one “looses” themselves. Loose and careless is the closer someone comes to being.

The gift of being intimate is so elusive and difficult if we “put it on hold” or react to it with a separation of either body or mind or an isolation of the spirit. If we exercise our energy, gain our territories, push on with deep intent, build our creativity, wit, and intensity, it is that very quality which re-energizes and empower us to be ourselves and to be in the midst of what we were born to be, to be creative, daring, daring and sexy.

The very act of being in the moment with everything is at the core of being human. Being at the core of being human is being present with everything. What is necessary to life is being present-not just in the moment, but in the now. Without you, there is no you. What you are is what you are and life is what you are living. All of life is one. Time is a illusion. What matters is the moment.

We are a new kind of human race. Our original essence has been recovered and enhanced. We are a smarter, more cultured and more evolved kind of human race. Our original essence is one of being and being present in the moment with everything.

When we return to our original essence, the original loneliness and isolation will be gone. We will have access to the source, the source of all that we have stolen from our original loneliness and isolation. Our original essence is one of being and being present in the moment with everything.

When it comes to relationships, many people want to find a meaning in the relationship instead of knowing the relationship for what it is. Are we destined to be separated for all time, or can we go into relationship knowing that whatever happens, there is something much greater on the other side of that relating session? Relationships are like great libraries that contain the greatest ideas of our times. We can get the greatest ideas of our culture by reading and re-reading the greatest pieces of literature of all time.

We are shown in museums the greatest artists and musicians, writers and intellectuals, spreading the knowledge of a much older time. Do we have all that we have because we are the smartest race in the history of the world, or have we become dumb and stupid? Or can we get the best of both worlds, the brilliant and intelligent minds of our ancestors?

Relationships take time to develop. They are not overnight successes. In fact, the roots of many great relationships go back many many generations and the history of all great museums is in the history of the African Savannah. So why is it that we remember the great names of people, but have so little to say about their origins, about their life and what brought them to where they were?

The people of African history are in many cases the figures that inspire the greatest art and music. You could argue that they are figures of American literature. Gone are the days when African people were mere Combopered bore when they were simply picked byGenerationally reserved and shy. woo men. woo women. Today’s black intelligentsia has brought us great jazz and modern classical jazz, soul and H jazz, Afro-beat, Cajun and occupation.

How can we go about knowing our African ancestors, their personality traits and their special qualities? Just as we have been shown the wonderful intellectual and artistic talents, so has our African neighbor. Tell us your family tree and we will show you how wonderful to be an African and how wonderful you are!

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