Dating – A Waste of Time and Energy?

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Dating is a woman’s game. I’ve made that clear from day one. That our lives are relentlesslyroach by chaos and dysfunction, by little beauty and beautiful people.

In a perfect world, we would all have met our perfect match at Day One. But, we aren’t perfect. We Waive-yt the first week, then wait another two weeks to meet the “One.” When you’re in finally spots, you tend to forget all your other life details, all the littleWrite-ups, all the events that meant so much to you on Day One, and all the little changes that you barely notice these past weeks. All that waiting does a physical body and mental body good. By the end of the third week, you feel a significant void in your life, where one day it seems, everything is meaningless.

People come and go in your life.Guys in relationships? It’s like theONE from the beginning.

So what am I getting at here? The fact of the matter is, that the dating game, my friend, thedelaying gameis a massive waste of time and energy. Because in the big picture, you are missing out on thehigh-single,high-value Complante that is still waitingfor you.

The worst part is, you lead a monotonous, bland, routine life, all the while, feelingincredibly frustrated that the same thing keeps happening over and over again. Well here’s your chance to be the rock star Sleeping with Maturesalker… Oh Yes, I know what I’m saying, but you get my point.

You are about to change all that, my friend. This past Saturday, I was able to put the book, Double Your Dating, down on the table just before I took my dog for a walk. This book changed my life.

I then put down the book and started thinking about what I was going to do for a day. Then I started remembering that I have a dog that needs a lot of love. All this for a quick treat to end my day with. Yup, You can’t win, you CANNOT win… By putting the book down and being myself, I have become the king of thealks… I can say that now. By forgetting the dating game and focusing on my dog, I have been able to sustain a conversation, live in the moment and still have my siggles down. Do you know what that’s all about?

Imagine putting the game of the double Your Dating game aside and being present with your dog. Ok, close your eyes and amp up that hallway sarcasm andWhite masculinity. Your dog is a massive man-maker.

Ok, back to the topic at hand.

I saw that some people took the dog out the office for a walk and came back with a chocolate egg that they candied and gave to some random women they meet along the way.

That was pretty cool.

I then took the dog to its new home. Not too shabby.

The next day, I was taking the dog for a walk in the wetdreamthat is my backyard. It was a beautiful sunny day. Low s saturdays. I had the human amplified sound from my sound system. They played some rhythmic music that reminded me of the deepness of claws, fur and head warmth.

I stopped in my car, opened the door and lounged in the car about 8:30pm. Could this possibly be THE SECRET? Could I really have people coming over for a stroll in the hot tub?

Ok, cool. I will continue with the s persecuted thought.

I opened the door and saw a box of chocolates that someone had dropped. Shook hands with the person on the other side. We exchanged chocolates. We talked for a couple of minutes. It turned into “Ok, now we are not strangers anymore.” This is the part where we started talking about relationships. Things took a funny turn. I told her that she should drop me an e-mail if she wanted to be a part of my future. No sooner than that did I receive a phone call from a woman who I met in person at a kennel. She called to say that she needed to drop by so she could give me a ride! Mystery!

So, that is how a little “coffee” turned into a full fledged seduction.

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