How to Attract Girls

Every guy has the power to become a master and attract all the beautiful girls he wants. Probably you can think of a situation when you were extremely attracted to a girl and you did everything possible to convince her that you are the one for her. Yet still, she seems to be having a hard time finding the courage to reciprocate your feeling. Is it really your fault if you were rejected? No! It is not your fault at all. However, there are certain common mistakes that you might be committing when you are trying to become a master and a master at dating. That is why the girls are saying a big “no” to you a lot.

Now, you know the reason for their mixed signals. Let us find out the main three causes behind their actions.

1) You are being a scaredy cat – fear of rejection

No one want to date a total stranger they do not know or you do not know yet. They have the fear that once they tell you what they feel, you will surely run away or something.

2) Over Thinking

There is a common mistake we all do over thinking. We tend to consider logically why a particular decision or decision was made or something. The fact is that the creator has put such features and characters because there are some greater potentials, obstacles and challenges at hand. There are so many opportunities to express our feelings to one another. Why should you bother thinking and analyzing? What is the use of thinking about something more than and jeopardizing your relationship?

3) Low self-esteem

Sometimes there is a little jealousy or lack of trust for the other person in the relationship. That somehow affects your own self-esteem. You do not like it because you think that it will never work out between you and the girl. It may be true, but so what? Do you need to prevent yourself from developing a low self-esteem? Quite the opposite. Make yourself comfortable with the relationship and love yourself. If you can love yourself, it will be easier for others to start loving you too.

You need to realize that all is going to be up to you. There is no reason for your fear of rejection or reconsideration of doing anything to be extra perfect girl in your life. The more confident you are that someday you will meet the girl you have been looking for, the better. There is a saying: “one person out of the 36 billion” It does not really mean that you will meet no one at all but chances are that you will meet someone whom you become close with and your relationship starts working out fine.

Do yourself a favor and relax. Behave like a tennis ace and surely, you can win the next game if you want to!

The Worst Mistake

Lying. Yes, lying. There are a lot of honest boys out there. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of players in the game. Some of them are just looking for one night of fun, some are looking for more than that. But once you start lying as a player, they will find it easy to tell the truth and to stop seeing you as a person. And if you ever want to do it right from the start, you have to be totally honest with your partner from the start, from the beginning.

That is the worst mistake you will ever make. If you start lying from the start, your partner will start noticing it very fast and doubt about you will soon turn into outright distrust. Also, if you start making up stories and if you found it hard to tell the truth from the start, to keep asking yourself “why did I say that”. It is very important to tell the truth at all times, even if you have to say it at some point on the story. It is hard to keep saying it if you have to keep reassuring yourself that you told the truth.

Also, it is not at all nice to lie to people or to lie. Once a person realizes that your partner is telling you the truth then all trust in the relationship is gone, it makes you feel betrayed and that is the last thing you want.

There are also a lot of cases where a relationship turns sour because the partners started lying to each other instead of caring about each other’s feelings. If you want to learn to trust your partner, then you have to respect each other’s feelings. If you don’t, then there is no point in the relationship.

So, if you want to be a good partner and learn to trust your partner, then you must learn to listen, pay attention and understand. Your partner has to trust you too, if you are going to make a relationship work. Not only will you get the pleasure of your secret conversations but you would also feel secure while being with each other.

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