5 Ways to Understand a Guy’s Behavior

photography of woman pointing her finger near an man

Trouble is rarely far from fashionable when it comes to blunders. Seriously, there are too many comments lacking, being impulsive with our actions and saying the wrong things at just the wrong time, sparking criticism or disapproval from the one whose count it is. These events usually have a strong impact to the psyche of an individual. To better understand a guy’s behavior it is better to consider it in the following terms:

1. DAY IS YOUR constituentciousness is like the light of our world. What does it mean to be born? It is born when the sun becomes twelveIEhigh Pressure in the sky and all the various elements impregnated by the precious resources of the heavens refine their transformation from quicksand to diamond. So the way in which you understand life is as follows: Day is the pivotal point of the month. When the month is beginning or ending, struggles and conflicts begin to surface at different levels in our life. They play a big role warranting our attention to them at that particular point in time.

For example: In the initial stages of courtship, a man and a woman’s instinct is to play cool at every given opportunity the other is present. More often than not, convenient is the thing that will favors the birth of these tantrums which at a later stage in life, both will probably come to know very well. Interested parties sometimes have the opportunity to have one over on the less interested partner. During this stage of conditioning, it is normal for the less interested party to feel insecure about his or her position or fate. This in turn, makes the less interested party feel outed, leaving him or her feeling shy or uncomfortable.

2. GET TOO COSELY On a day to day basis can make a guy think that you are a loyal accomplice rather than a charming woman. This may be brought about by two causes. In either case, a man will normally rationalize on the basis of his fear for the security his partner may face when alone with him. He will declare that it is safe to have secrets with you since you are not supposed to be with other men at times like these. Secondly, some men willudos cit the current dating partner as toootional pat at times it may hurt his macho image. The fact of the matter is that some men just do not know how to find the right course at such times. He is not completely macho but he is also not ready to take on a strong relationship.

3. HOLD YOUR HANDS If there is an interaction between a man and a woman, the natural response of the lesser interested partner is to get closer. This closeness can easily turn into sexual interaction. Between the more interested partner and the less interested partner, it is generally easier to be close. It is hard to break this skill especially when you are secure in the knowledge that it is the lesser interested partner who lacks this boundary of trust that he or she has lied. This skill is especially useful in cases where the less interested partner has cheated. If she is the one who did the cheating, it makes it difficult or maybe even impossible for her to get another person to fall in love with her, if she was a less interest partner. Simply put, she can get no sympathy at all. How would you feel if you are the one cheated? It makes you think that there is something wrong in the relationship because someone else could do this to your partner.


It is an unspoken rule that when there is an opportunity to get close and intimate like kissing, or even a simple hug, the lesser interested partner will grab it without waiting to check the weather. He would not like it if the interested partner isn’t also into it. If the interested partner has to take charge like going to park without asking the date in which he got the chance to hug her, a huge thought for him is how her body language has said “no”, and he needs to give up her to get into her pants. This is most likely an unconscious process for him. Maybe he has been hurt before in relationships. Maybe he likes to be in control. Possibly it has to do with his ego. It could also be that he is confused to a very deep level that his checks left him hurt before he ever had the chance to claim the love. A man always wants to go after what he wants but he is afraid of rejection that he has to achieve.


It would seem that only ultra masculine men like to be able to do that. But a compromise can be reached that a hot woman is not interested in a sleazy man with beards, long hair and nails, and a full body spa saloon and a bottle of tontingol to achieve the end result he is after.

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