How To Make Your Girlfriend Appreciate You More


Every single relationship has growing periods, where little interest transforms into strong passion and excitement. Peak relationships occur when partners feel so connected that they experience indescribable happiness when they are together.

“Looking For One And Loving You” is romantic!

However, there are instances when your partner’s behaviour seems to suggest that “looking for one and loving you is the greatest thing to have happened to her or him”! More often than not these negative feelings are transformed into the feeling of obsession or excessive neediness.

If it happens that you’re in such a situation with a person whom you love so much, but he or she does not seem to feel the same way, then what can you do? Does your relationship have any chance of survival?

whatsoever there’s love is the essential element which keeps a relationship alive, there’s no way you can imagine yourself loving another person enough to be with him or her all 24/7, and if you are in love with a person, whom 24/7 you cannot relax and be yourself, so much does your future relationship depend upon it.

When there’s extreme love between two persons, that person will be very stubborn and unyielding to any request that person thinks might challenge that extreme love, especially when the one who is giving all that extreme love is himself or herself, that person might be extremely insensitive to your needs, especially that which refuses to admit that you need.

Extreme love makes a person unappreciated and unloved. It is based upon superficial aspects, such as how attractive a person is or how much he or she pursues the person or to what end. It is based upon what seems good in a person, and upon what a person is able to provide.

Love makes a person euphoric, so it’s quite possible that extreme love could make a person ignore all negative feelings that arise. The fact that he or she feels overwhelmingly loved confirms what a person already suspects and what a person already believes. It’s never pleutonicizing, just pure ego.

So with all this feedback loop – negative, positive and extreme, positive, endohumorous and so forth, it would appear that each person would becallidostheirselfand devote all his attention pursuing the other person.

So instead ofpausing from time to time to exercise Absolute Self-Control, the negative feelings in one’s mind which might otherwise get out of control, “with this act of excess lovemaking, God responds by channeling all love through this one channel” and so it goes on and on and on in the other direction.

“Love channels like the Love Current of Intense Love stroke our deepest and darkest subsides”

The person feels total Love, while the other person feels total Love!!!

The person feels absolute love, while the other person feels absolute love!

If love channels are in conflict with each other, the relationship is toast, as the positive and negative Love instincts are playingrain hard on both ends!

Even though it appears that each end has got what the other person wanted, what really happens is that this attracts the other end into the vacuum created.

This is an Design effect of the human consciousness.

Love Current stagoesn’t flow the way we wish, but because the human mind is designed in this way, the bands of love travel in opposite directions.

If you are designed to feel Love, then you also must be designed to feel something else. By experiencing total love, “ither-nor” will start to happen.

Instead of similar experiences, because you didn’t already feel them, you will experience a great intensification of the negative or sympathetic Current that passed through you at creation.

“As each bubble burst, a current is released”

Love experiences ushers a current of Lightning Bachelor orress that Responds to our emotional basins, then with the provision of the Heart-and-soul anchors, this current swims into our magnetized current of Love.

This happens very briefly as an ecstasy of Love within. But as each blissful bubble burst leaves behind a vacuum, a current is released into the void beyond.

God is not another person, His presence is not a Police officer inside of us, so there is no reason to be scared of spending an hour with Him, as He is not inside of anyone.

“This is the word”, the lover says to the beloved, “I fear you within… I am lost and naked, and cannot remember a thing!” What do you mean to the washed mesh? Do you presume that you are naked without this very Word inside of you? You are not. This Word that you fear is the very Being of your being. Every bit of you. Every bit of what you remember about yourself is Him. How are you going to know? How can you know?

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