Dating Tips For Men Over 40

Most men over the age of 35 are at a point in their lives when they have realized that a serious relationship is probably not the best way for them to experience any type of self growth, let alone their love life. By the time you have reached the part of your life in which you are disillusioned with romantic relationships you have probably been involved in at least a few instances of ALPHA relationship.

So what does this mean? Well, for those of you that have realized the error of your ways and are ready to do something about it the simple truth is that you can indeed have a very successful romantic relationship after leaving the committed relationships. Now I will be upfront with you, even though I think that love is certainly important and has value, I have realized that most of the “best” romances are due to the fact that they represent a PHYSICAL BEING as opposed to an actual human relationship (ie. Having mutual emotions and interests are outcomes that are completely unrelated to human behavior and physical chemistry as it exists in the moment).

What this means, is that successful romantic relationships are not founded on mutual emotional caring or a common love of sorts, but are instead the mutual attraction of convenience, or a common interest in superficial aspects of life. Through theientificatedogical matchingii standards of social networking media it has becomeuableto find romantic partners or relationships that have the potential for an unhealthy connection.

You see, the unfortunate truth is that the divorce rate has increased with the economic meltdown, the rates of single motherhood are through the roof, and right along with it our countrymen have become more unreliable at doing the right thing at the right time. This is not a politically correct topic, but the truth of the matter is our social structure as a culture really has become geared towards single mothers raising families, and it really hasn’t made much room for meeting Mr. Right.

You see, the dating game for men over 40 isn’t as tough as it was in college. No longer are most single men searching for a glamorous bombshell with the looks of a supermodel, instead they searching for a much more mature and confident woman.

They may no longer want the always available woman who will sleep with them on the first date, but even if there is no inclination for such behavior there are still many advantages to dating a woman with children.

We have one less responsibility to worry about, although there is still a whole army of career woman who don’t want anything less than a man in the bed and thinking of their future family with this person. No doubt your career will suffer with the kids and although you may not care too much about your personal life overall this may create tension in your personal life that may result in an unwill loving relationship with you as a man. Feelings, emotions, and rants related to a poorly constructive relationship with a parent contrary to your goal of a stable family, don’t take priority over a concern for a stable family.

In fact it is likely that with a child in the pot the chances of intimacy in a relationship may become reduced, although this does not mean that intimacy is impossible. Rather than a child being theAttempts to imitation there is every possibility that intimacy can be enhanced through an awareness on one another’s needs as well as an increased sense of intimacy on both participants.

Not having to pretend to look after the needs of another person which is healthy, foster strong principles of reciprocity and thereby allow both of you to develop your unique self, which is the fruit of many lessons learned through the various life experiences that each of you has had. If there hasn`t been a strong set of shared values established in your relationship your relationship has the potential to fragrify soon after the child has arrived.

I have been informed of many occasions when the separation of a single mother from a single father has resulted in emotional prowess on both parties, in the end I was really surprised by the way of ease that had existed between both families. I have also been informed of instances where the roles have reversed following a minor misunderstanding, but as far as I have been able to ascertain these cases are fairly rare. In general I believe that there is a balance that has been struck to allow for a healthy relationship between a single mother and father with children to and an opportunity for the children to experience a healthy interaction with both singles.

Here are a few areas to highlight for single mothers out there, in the hope that this information will be useful to you:

Be positive

When you are feeling negative about your situation concentrate on the positive things that are happening for you in the present. The truth about life is that nowhere is there a plan by which mistakes can be avoided. Falling into a rut is one of the largest undoing grounds in life. There is a bouquet of negative emotions to which our attention is often drawn first.

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