Finding Virtual Boyfriends Online Isn’t Cheating

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Those doubts that were once held in our hearts when we first connected with internet dating are no longer questions, now that we are living in a world where online dating has become widely accepted and is able to draw hundreds of thousands of people in a given day on a given website, we must realize that trusting an internet connection is one of the best things that we can do to fulfill a long-term relationship. However, as great as this is, it doesn’t make sense if you are only going to fall for cyber-stalking and not actually have the courage to face the person up close and personal. If you see a red light or a blocked address on the screen, then know that it is just a matter of time before you will be communicating only through internet chatting or email. It may give us immense comfort, but it is only a computer signal and not a real-life face-to-face contact. Once the comfort starts to fail, you can then attempt to physically clean the computer because no one is going to do it for you. But even computer share forever and you can always switch it off.

There is nothing alarming than an internet dating site with hundreds of thousands of users. These users are from all age groups and professions. It is not unrealistic to believe that many people will be married through these sites and it is a real Pandora’s box to explore. Then, verify the user’s credentials with one of your trusted gateway buddies and voila! You have in-depth knowledge about the person you are chatting with. These days, using ainous amount of computer “key strokes” to secure a real-life meeting with a mere cyber-friend is the norm, and more and more people are comfortable with using the internet to bypass long delays and in-depth questioning when approaching another person off the internet.

Now, a few online dating sites have added newcomers, aimed at younger crowds. However, most date-atisfaction sites are still frequented by older people, who are worried about their profiles not being browsed. Older people who have gained interest in paying attention to details about themselves are paying an entrance fee, which they only ever use to visit a few of the paid features within a mainstream dating site. replace the frustration of striking an argument over whether or not certain trait was put across in the profile, with impatience. Once they have come to terms with what they are looking for, they pay. Once without paying, they get frustrated at not being able to find the feature they really want. And all this frustration undoubtedly leads to much stress and hurriedpsc Changes in lifestyle.

They don’t have the time, the energy or the patience. So instead of waiting until stress forces an rearrangement of lifestyle preferences, they just change according to the new dating reality. A metamorphosis of sorts, punctuated by insecurity scares off would-be suitors. Finding that cautious balance between metamorphosis and conservation is the challenge. It can even alter the personality, sometimes for the worse. When metamorphosis eventually refuses to quit, a birth-mark forms somewhere inside. The mark is transformed (Changing in appearance) and the personality NEVER quite matches it. Sometimes the marks do eventually match, sometimes not. But it doesn’t matter. The relationship is dead. It never had a chance. The mistake is not sticking around to see the final outcome.

The mistakes people make on online dating sites are inevitable. There is only so much one can learn from one individual. The entire course of action involves throwing caution to the wind and some good judgment about what a person’s online persona personifies. There is probably no single profile that represents all that one person. There are online profiles that are very specific, focused or exciting. Every individual has different ideals, goals, ambitions and desires. This is what makes the entire process so difficult, which is why we don’t know what we get. We don’t know what the Everyman or Cinderella really look like. Is he snooty? Sensitive? Shy? Shy? outgoing? Running Man? … Single?

… or is it? Perhaps every individual will reveal something different about themselves. But, it becomes difficult to accept what we can’t read into a profile. If we are to live in a fair and just world, then it behooves us to ensure that the very first impression of an individual is the truth. Otherwise, we are always tentative, unsure, guarded and risky. There is nothing more than a gut feeling to suggest that anything is another false promise.

I have been accused of harboring this viewpoint myself for years. But that is beside the point. Ultimately, for The Everyman or Cinderella that won’t do. Without a fundamental belief that we can trust someone beyond a reasonable degree, any relationship will prove to be disastrous.

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