How To Attract A Woman You Meet The First Time

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Getting to know a girl can be difficult to some men, especially if they’re new to the game. There can be a lot of uncertainty, and you might not know how to begin a conversation with someone you just met. I’ve been wondering how to approach ladies and talk to girls when I’m really into … Read more

Why Men Finish Last

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There are so many reasons why men finish last. There are many reasons why women are beginning to catch up and when these kind of feelings are happening towards a man, it’s rather difficult to pinpoint anything that could possibly have anything to do with his failure. If it’s a man’s failure in this area, … Read more

Dating 101 – Playing Hard To Get

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Do you know how to play hard to get? Why is this so important? Do you want to keep a guy attracted to you? When you are hard to get, a man will do so much things to win your heart and attention. Playing hard to get is very sexy and easy to do. Men … Read more

Why Do Some Men Have Difficulties In Developing Healthy Relationships With Women Early On?

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Developing a healthy relationship with a woman is not something that just happens suddenly. It takes a continuous effort and dedication to sustain it. Therefore, there are several factors that could potentially explain why men are so Communication theirs while women are not. Potential causesWhy do men have difficulties in developing healthy relationships with women? … Read more

Being With Her – A Woman’s Point Of View

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For many years, I found myself “ununique” in that I did not like women. I missed “what was real” and craved to be matched with a partner who felt the same about me. Some time ago, a very dear friend of mine happened to tell me the process she uses to find love. She told … Read more

How To Get A Woman To Notice You

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You are in a club. The music is blaring, the drinks are flowing and beautiful women are all over the place. You see a woman across the way that catches your attention. She must be looking at you because she is giving you clear signals that she is interested in you as well. Yet, you … Read more

How To Talk To Any Guy Without Fear

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Do you wish it was easier to learn how to talk to any guy without feeling shy or embarrassed? Do you avoid talking to men because it makes you feel insecure or nervous? Do you wish men would just come out and tell you what they want like an open book? This is a problem … Read more

Nice Guys’ Attraction List

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This is a list of words that a woman would like to hear from a ‘nice guy’. If you are a nice guy, you have a choice. Nice guy = jerk Nice guy’s main characteristic is being insecure. They are attracted to the ‘bad boy’ because they have so much emotional turmoil within themselves. The … Read more

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