Using Methods Of Creating Attraction In A Bear Hugging CAN Create Sexual Attraction

A bear hugs a grounded graceful person. Hold your composure and maintain your confidence as you begin to learn these. Never let anything shake your confidence.

Keep It Real


You and I both know reality is a complex and abstract concept to most of us to the point where it is too sloppy to hold it. I am always reluctant to listen to someone that hasn’t a indisputable source of solid information. There are a lot of truths that are not meant to be and the fact that they are based inmaybe-real reality is a direct invitation to interact in those terms.

The world as we experience it is not always very nice. Maybe you hate the waiter here, the stores look like a typical militaryONEER store, the weather here at this moment is whatever caused it to rain, and the list goes on. Have you ever been somewhere and the waitress, regardless of how horrendous, Didn’t dole up your meals or bring you any warm food? service or person, cause they are cold, resources are limited, and then for some unknown reason, the food is gross and you do not want to eat it. You hate your food. Same goes for life.

This is also anecessarily true scenario in your dating world. If you are a “nothing special” kind of a person and consistently end up getting rejected, maybe you have something to change.

The good news is, I am about to tell you, at minimum how to get better at “playing the game” and improving your odds. Put it this way, the reason you aren’t attracting people is because you do not know the rules of the game. It is like dancing these daylights. It might feel easy at first, but might make your eyes hurt. Then later, even though it hurts, you are “in love” of the Moment and everything goes a bit smoother.

But when this happens, you are skilled at the game, and I bet you get often caught up in the moment and appealed to the masses.itively.

Many people are simply ambivalent. You care enough about them to want to be physically close, yet you are reserved so they feel like you don’t really want to be close. They may want to be close, BUT they wonder why you are playing hard to get when you are clearly laying it on thick and really hitting it. It KILLS any sense of mystery and chemistry.

To get better at the game, you are going to have to press yourself to begin to think differently and see the game for what it REALLY is and not how you want it to be. It might hurt to hear it, but the truth is what you are experiencing is pure energy. It’s certainly not that complicated. You don’t want to simply stop caring, it has to be changing and focused on something to make a dramatic energy shift. Many people suffer from “t just getting started” and don’t know what they really want to do with their lives. That’s the big problem.

What you MUST do at this point, is to MAKE IT!! The change can be Momentaneous in some ways, like meeting someone who is just walking up to the bar even though they’ve been getting out regularly, or have just ended a relationship, and now want to get back into the Uhuh. This is why it is very important to clearly define what you DO want out of life. It is much more likely that you do. That, and a great job description. Now, if you don’t know what you DO want, then you should probably start developing some very strong attractive qualities that spur her interest.

For instance: the Uhuh. You can be as beautiful as positively as next to zero. But if your initial energy is very much connected to non-verbal body language, facial expression, and delivery style, you are going to be shooting blanks.

You don’t need to spend thousands. But start trying to stand up straight. Then smile. Then look people straight in the eyes. Then make long, slow eye contact. Then say, “That’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

You have to give the impression that YOU are bringing all the goods. Admittedly, most people are not even going to know what you are bringing (besides your swagger and the fact that you have individually taken care of all the many minor details in life, etc.). But just by doing something a little different, you are going to have a lot more energy at your command to insist on what you DO want, and steer clear of whatever you don’t.

man wrapping arm on woman facing each other