Top Three Things Men Find Attractive In Women

Women want understanding. They want insight into how things are done in the intimacy department. Dating advice has existed for years but up until this point most of the advice was based on what Was, it’s like now.

Things have changed and so has dating. Firstly men are more open and their attitudes have changed. We now have the whole world populated with single women so how can we make our move, how can we read their signs and get a date? It’s not enough to just get women to like you, you have to become a real man too and understand the things that attract them. Women will clue you in now in all the subtleties that they used to only hint at.

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It takes a bit of practice to be able to interpret the signals that women are giving off, but with a little experience and understanding that there are certain ways to approach hot women, you’ll be getting messages back that you never even thought existed.

The top three things men find attractive in women are

1. Someone they can be comfortable with.

A woman who is the type a man can be comfortable with is a prize. Nobody wants to be with someone who is so self-conscious that everything she does is scrutinized by others. You want to be with someone you can relax with, someone who is confident and secure in who she is and not one who has to constantly impress other people. So when you find a woman who does not care what other people say, that is a great bonus.

The thing about dating, about money and about life in general is that it is all a player’s game. It’s about being the best you can be at your best game. So when you find the women who match your criteria and do not make it a competition and are willing to just be yourself, you’ve found a keeper.

Always make sure that your intentions aren’t obvious. A woman hooks up with you because she thinks you’re a player. If you are obvious you’ll be playing against type.

2. Someone she can trust.

A woman needs to trust you to get along with. You need to understand how it affects their relationship and how it really works. This is critical to any relationship. You want to be with someone who you can have thehoodwith. There are no games, no secrets and no hidden agendas. That’s too much for most women and you need to keep things like that.

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s not likely to come up unless you’re honest with yourself and the woman you’re after. So another thing that women hate about men is the idea that they’ll try to trick them into being something they’re not.

No matter what your motivation is, if you’re being insincere it will come out eventually. Women are very sparring and their ability to suspicion is something that helps them weed out the weed and find the clinker.

What’s more important than your intention, is simply making sure you’re having a good time, letting her see how much fun she’s having and helping her loosen up. Women like to have fun, no matter what they tell you.

3. Someone she can depend on.

When things go wrong, a woman’s first reaction can be to blame it on the man. She doesn’t want to look like a fool, nor does she want to be responsible for her own actions. We all screw up from time to time, so she needs someone to pick her up where she left off. She needs a rock to lean on and rely on when things are going stale.

You have to understand that women can be complex. Sometimes she gets cold feet and cold turkey especially when things are moving too fast. unpredictability is a huge attraction for her. So to keep her feeling comfortable, you have to stay somewhat in step with her thinking process. The minute you do, she’ll need less space and you’ll seem less attractive to her.

Staying in step also means you stay alert to her thoughts and actions. When things stop being fun for her, she may effect a temporary fling with some other guy. But if she gets herself together and looks you in the eye, it’s because she believes you’ve been her sole mate and mate for life, so she’s not willing to give that up easily.

So both men and women have to make some adjustments in the way they think in order to pull it off together. Without these adjustments however, you’re basically caught in the same rut.

After making these adjustments, there are three magic words that are going to make things easier for you.

“I love you.”

You don’t have to say it out loud even if you do live together for years. But by saying it out loud, you’re already affirming your commitment to love her the right way.

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