Love And New Beginnings – How To Move Past A Bad Breakup And Find Your Soulmate

Are you at a complete loss as to where to begin in your search for a loving and caring partner? Do you wish you could find a person who would not only meet your emotional needs, but help you establish a life together? Are you tired of dating and meeting the wrong kinds and don’t know whether you should focus on what is truly important and life-changing in a relationship, or blame yourself for wasting your time and efforts? When a long-term relationship ends and you are left on your own, it can be devastating to your emotional health and well being. I have been there and set upunder a goal to help those in my life get over the painful experiences and unconsciously shift my focus where it needs to be focused.

You are reading this article because you have ended someone’s relationship and are now looking for some assistance in moving past the painful experience and finding your own soulmate. Thanks for playing iin the first line of that e-mail who is not ready to be involved in the relationship but was overwhelmed by your ad.I’m so sorry that things ended the way they did but I’m hoping this will give you a little extra push to help you find your own soulmate, because relationships really are supposed to make you feel cherished and loved as well as an incredible sense of peace.


While we do all wish for a fairy tale ending and our happily ever after, the good news is that love is not about material gain; romance is not all about going to expensive restaurants and shopping, it’s about finding someone who thinks the world of you; about whom you can share your wildest dreams with and be together in utterly intimacy.I know many love seekers here, including myself, have found that the quality and stability in a long-term relationship is everything we are looking for.

While we may hear about successful marriages from our friends and celebrities, what success really comes from within and the true rewarding love comes from within. My idea of a successful love match is one that includes all parts of the person that are important to you such as kindness, compassion, spirituality, caring, sharing humor, passion and self love. If that is in agreement with you, then you can be sure, his [her] soulmate will be wonderful too. I can attest to this personally as I was blessed to find my soulmate almost immediately after I met him through a professional matchmaking service.

Our world is a scary place to be and finding love can feel like the biggest leap of faith. Let’s be honest, some of us can be blame for our own happiness in finding a successful relationship. Love has a way of making us feel adored and understood, but at the same time can make us feel like so many pieces of meat and agree to only fulfill the needs of our partner, at least until they get what they want. However, there will come a moment when you might actually start asking yourself, ” am I actually doing it? ” Maybe you’re hearing the calls or texts from your new honey and are feeling fulfilled by the attentions of a lover who once told you he/she barely feels like eating. Maybe the feeling has you worked up, maybe it’s driving you completely nuts, maybe you feel like America’s sweetheart? Let’s face it, it can be hard to fathom but finding love is a chance you must take full advantage of.

Whatever suits your definition of “love”, chances are, you will discover that the feeling will start diminishing when the time comes that you stop feeling overwhelmed. Find the balance between the feeling of loving so much that you are in fact suffocating, and the genuine act of loving so deeply that your partner is a total stranger and you’d feel lost if you lost it. I’m living for you!

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