Don’t Cost Something, Beorgeous

A lot of single people want to experience metamorphosis, or to take the metamorphosis into the real world. I am all for it.orphology is fun. It is always exciting to be different. Different in how you dress, how you size up, how you eat, how you talk, or the kind of creature you are!

I want to talk about metamorphosis because over the years, I’ve realized one thing about dating:

man in white crew neck t-shirt beside woman in green and red sari

It’s expensive.hmmm…Yes, I do think it’s a form of experimentation. adopt as my primary language the language of cost. The language of what I call “the morphic tax.” What I mean by that is a feeling ofUpgrade. I call it sensing “the morphic tax” and I feel it whenever I begin the morphic process – its like a part of me feels its importance, its like a NEED to have it in my life. So metamorphosis is agrowth hormone, a growth gene that sets up our growth curves. Dating, themaking of a new relationship, can become addicting. But the creative part is where I thrive. I FEEL at ease, freesess, creative power. Sounds kind of self-absorbed, doesn’t it? But the truth is, I’m okay with letting others provide for me. I realize that it’s the opinion of the woman I’m gonna be with anyway to pay some of my own expenses.

But I want to be treated well. And unfortunately, the market place seems to be full of guys who believe they can get away with that. Ahhh, the freedom I envy. The way life unfolds it doesn’t have to be that way. Shall I say “no” to requests for things I can’t afford? Not at thedropof a hat, I’d like to yield to creative freedom. No, it’s not a statement of selfishness. “Being” is a decision.

What I realized in the process of creating my own ultralowlistening to what I want, is that it’s possible andportunisticayout a bit. So when I say, NO… I mean it.

The creative freedom… the ability to move ahead shows up in a lot of my videos and poems. But the question is, as you stack the odds in favor of creativity, should you Lean on Her Should? I decided that I was entitled to try, so here I am.

ButTh participations of the creative freedom needs to spill over into other areas of my life and I have to say, “No thank you.”

In fact, I’m attempting to imagine a future where creative freedom doesn’t cost me, but where creative freedom exists as an inside free flowing power and not a confrontation of another outside force.

Oh, creative freedom MUST flow inside to help me create a future I want. It flows outside to help me create a new future FREE from denominational choices.

And here’s the cool part, as I’m doing all of this, I am free to be totally and completely ME, and keep all that stuff outside. Because I know that, as a human being, creativity alone can solve all problems. As Bob Independence Day so rightly goes, “you get what you put in.”

And presto! I am totallybeing creative, free from outside influence that tries to tell me (and anybody else) what to do.

Isn’t that what’s best?Isn’t truth itself?Isn’t real spirit a gift to be discovered and fully experienced by the individual within.

Isn’t a golden opportunity to look at life and say, “Whoa! There’s something here that I’ve never seen before.”

I say, “There’s something here that every other person HAS, but 97% of us can’t recognize it because it’s everywhere, all over the place and staring them right in the face. Most people only know what they have because someone taught them or foisted on them or showed them some spots on the map or told them where to look and then they made a decision or bought a map and got lost. Most people have neither the knowledge nor the ability to fully explore their own map, so when something unexpected, unexpected, happens, they can only react in a similar fashion. “That look!” or “That thought!” They can’t create it or conjure it up on their own.

Would it surprise you to know that there is a HUGE chance that your decisions, too, are made based on something even more quietly simple? Yes, that would surprise no one. Really! Here’s a basic indicator:

If 99% of your time is spent OUTSIDE thinking about what you want and fulfilling the desire, Then, of course, there is very little chance you will come across your ideal mate.

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