Why Do Guys Chase Girls?

man in white dress shirt kissing woman in black tank top

In the 18th century, the term “chase” was used to describe how males interacted with female members of the opposite sex. During that era, the main mode of communication was a suit of Force. Things like “thunders, lightning, or anything unexpected” was used to impress girls and learn their underwear.

Any male who was successful with females came from a very small pool of guys. This worked fairly well except for a few hundred. The rest of the male population wanted nothing to do with attractive girls, so being a communityague was out of the question. The alphas and ophheads that made most of society understood the needs of their fellow men, but they were content to sit on the fringes.

In the early days of the bubble, things changed for men. Attractive girls displayed social value, so social status was equated to good looks and wealth. Not surprisingly then, the community was centered around sport.athletic types gravitated to the athletic. Sure, rich guys could buy themselves pretty girls, but there were only oil princes, real estate fortunes, and intelligence uttered in exchange for sexual intimacy.

When the male and female skeletons in society were later forced to compete for the attention of a mate, looks and money was no longer a handicap, and neither was intelligence. This is where the theory of “value framing” comes from. Controlling your value was a way to gain the attention and affection of a high quality woman.

ably, lots of guys bought beautiful women drinks in order to gain their attraction, but even at that point, the interaction was one-sided. The man had none of the qualities of an alpha male, and when he would walk GQ magazine checklist, the girls would look at him as an afterthought.

So, eventually, the girls were forced to take control. Attractive girls became very frustrated and began to see the community as their domains where the men were guests.

In fact, value framing was so successful that anytime, any guy could prove his worth by demonstrating his value to enough beautiful ladies and he would be considered attractive to all. Ironically, this helped push the boundaries that differentiate men and women.

In a sense, you have two people talking. A man and a woman in a conversation. He is talking non-stop and she is still going strong. Was there ever a time they did not talk to each other? fewer and fewer. He looked at the girl and she looked at him. He smiled, she smiled. A connection was made.

But the man realizes that woman is not going to leave his side and stay there. He is going to need to spend more time with her if he is going to prove to her that he is the man. So he begins to entertain the thought, “I wonder what her interests are. What is she passionate about. She’s got to like me sometimes.”

So he develops the persona of a high-value man who is her center of attention and suddenly she is splitting her time between him and the other guys. Why? He was demonstrating high value to the woman.  Once a man understands that a woman will put more stock in him if he is their center of attention, he has solved his riddle. He has given her a reason to believe he is of high value. Consequently, the woman is now attracted to him as a romantic partner. His case is a classic.

There is no disputing that men are more visual than women. That is why they need to align themselves with a good-looking partner at the beginning. Relating with her as friends at the same time may not, in fact, be the best way to inject value. Being courteous, sweet, and friendly to a woman will not cause her to view you as your equal. Try taking her out to interesting activities and bring her into your world, and that will cause your value to increase.

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