Why A Good Set Of Friends Can Be Your Best icitiment To Find Love

Do you know what quality friends you want to find in your next relationship break up? Do you know what qualities and characteristics any good friends have that can help you find the love of your life? Can you describe your ideal set of friends, the ones you’d love to spend time with and the one you’d love to fall in love with?

Its is very simple really. Whatever qualities you seek in your next relationship confidant you must have also in your ideal romantic friendship? The friends that you surround yourself with, the set of friends you spend time with, the people you love to spend time with and the fun you have in your life are all a reflection of who you are. So rather than writing down who you hate and are jealous of, write down what you love and are looking for in your next relationship confidant.

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How is this simple?

Simple, because you can have many friends who have found the love of their lives and you could too. All friendships are ultimately about bonding and the more you are able to give to another, the more you draw on their resources and have more of a pool of energy to return to you.

So the first thing to do is to make a list of all the people, friends, acquaintances, workmates, ex girlfriends that you genuinely love.

From this list you now have to separate the good ones from the not so good ones and write down why you love them and wish they were your own.

Next simply separate the not so good qualities and qualities you recognize in these people and friends, destroy them, break them up and write down why you don’t wish you were like them

This is what I did for my friend, her Set of Friends. I broke up most of the people she hung out with, but I kept a few because I liked how they gave to her. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? You are taking time out to enjoy someone else’s company, I love that.

Friends are always there for you when you need a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, someone to laugh at all your ridiculous moments, or why not, you need a friend who can teach you how to attract the woman of your dreams.

Write down the qualities that your ideal romantic friend would posses.

So you have a list of qualities. Shaped, men and women alike. Kindness, decisiveness, sense of humor, intelligence, yes decisiveness, supportive, helpful, ambitious. Now my guess is you have a list of qualities too.

Write it all down and scan it.

So you are clear on the qualities that your ideal mate should posses and you may now see to it that this list doesn’t change, you also believe in the person you described, you just don’t want to let them go because you like being around them, as you know they can make you better.

Be a good friend!

A colleague of mine described to me how when his wife is going through a rough period, she would leave her note finished with (and I am sure you have heard this enough), she would just leave it with a line that says “I will meet you in the middle of the day to do both of us a favor” You don’t need to say it three times then realise that your own chores at hand. What you maybe doing is that you are going to do what you have always done whilst she is telling you about her problems.

Break from your everyday routine to find a partner, you know who you are all day everyday and unlike girls would you be there to comfort her when she needs you, perhaps she is ill, perhaps she is not feeling well this morning and she telling you about what is making her feel so crappy, please help her!

So I hope some of these tips have helped you to find your special partner. Remember remember the partner that you select should fit in to what you are looking for, if not it will never work.

Good luck my fellow. Life can be full of frustrations not knowing what you will do next.

Start finding love today.

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