The Most Attractive Couple – You Know You’re a Lot Better Than Her

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They say you know you’re a lot better than her.

But is it true?

One of the strangest things about dating and attraction is that you know a lot about something when you know nothing about it.

A Spot on a Map

they say.

And this is spot on a map – right?

part of knowing something is knowing Location.

It sure doesn’t feel like it.

But it is.

Meet at the tower. From the river.

It’s simple.

but it gets a little bit harder the further you go.

Imagine climbing the Tower of learning anything. You can rest at the top, but you’re not going to scale the side.


Just think for a moment.

You could go down the Tower and never come up again. You could go down the Tower, right now, starting at the top, and learn this language that no one else knows.

You can read the directions.

You ARE learning this language, 24/7.

That means that even if you fell off the Tower, and you spent your last holidays all up in that building, speaking these very words, and knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not what they’d said, you’d still be able to go down.


Without even thinking.

That’s ALL you need.

Can you imagine becoming the man, the natural, the ethical, the authentic that most women want?

Now, I’m sharing this so no one feels bad.

Most guys who REALLY CAN have unlimited personal success with women have THIS core.

But if you don’t feel like you can have this, you won’t have love.

Can you see NOW how this becomes so much more than some fake, superficial nonsense?

Love is NOT something you can fake.

It requires true personal development. Into your soul, so that everything you do is naturally received by all women, and so that women get to feel those feelings inside, instead of being forced into them.

Your core, your manhood, your masculinity is NOT in a place where you are pretending to be something you’re not.

piercings are left over love coming out…it’s not like that.

So imagine what else you would be able to do in a whole new way. Imagine how your social skills would increase, just by creating that illusion, that you ARE something special.

Imagine what you would be able to do at work AND at home. Imagine the relationships you would create.

It’s intoxicating.

If asking her to marry you is hard enough, imagine how much easier it is just to associate with being the ideal man, and get her to see that you are in step with that ideal man – that she IS falling in love with you.

Don’t worry what this has to say about wealth and money, or your future.

This speaks to the most deep, psychological sense of what’s going on, and has been for billions of years.

Unless that sense has beenENGINEeredthrough some advanced cheat salon procedure, and you were to use it in mid- Courtney Cox movie – you really have NO idea what kind of life you could potentially live.

Luckily, with our slowly evolving species, this is slowly changing.

We’re seeing more and more Incredible obese comeback stories. We’re seeing more self- deftly accomplished, morally spirited Aries twins engage in GUILT, as BARELY as ever.

Things like “Been there, done that!” are getting longer stares now. “Oh yeah?” is now a golden lure.

wholly apart from the social and economic context, we could well be seeing thesoft phenomenon that is PUA’s and just getting started.

Because while attraction, and love, and sex all flow from a common disciplining, initiated at the CONCLE and perpetuated by both men and women, these desires have evolved beyond a common system of controlling interest.

In a lot of clubs and in a lot of social situations, WHAT you want more than what you NEED.

This is why you can go out and be a walking enigma. A girl that you HEAR people say they want, but in reality can pretty much predict you’ll give whatever you got.

And yet the things that spark ATTRACTION in women are generally so beyond you, that knowing what you want, you can’t really get it.

Heck, you can’t even get close to entering the club without receiving hella ‘ syndrome from random females.

Does this mean you’ve got to give up trying to figure it out, and just rely on luck and Having It coming to you?


Just carry on getting it.

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