The Beauty of Trust

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Not everything in life turns out the way we want it to be. Sometimes life has a way of knocking us over from the very beginning. Sometimes we are hit with several events in a row that start us off on the wrong foot. I’m talking about relationships. Relationships don’t turn out the way we want as planned. Sometimes you spend months, or even years with someone only to realize that you have made a HUGE mistake by being with them. You maybe broken up only to have them break your heart in the end. Either way, you now have a big hole in your life that you will need to deal with for a while. Now is the time that you turn to your trusty pals for a little bit of advice to fill the hole. Of course, your mom would give some good advice, but sometimes mom is not your best girlfriend.

Often times, we tend to follow our own instincts and try to be who we think we should be rather than being who we are. This is fine in moderation as long as you don’t completely take over your partner’s life. It’s very scary for a person to completely alter who they are. And believe it or not, if you completely change who you are, then you will need to find a new friend if this is your situation. What we are saying in a nutshell is that you should take what the two of you have together and make it whole. Don’t try and be who you think your partner wants. And try not to change who you are to be what you think they want.

What we are trying to say is that sometimes you need to examine yourself to find out why you are getting into this relationship to start with. Is it because you want to get away from being alone? Is it because you don’t want to live without a partner? Or maybe you just want a new boyfriend or girlfriend to be your constant companions – and worse, your therapist.

If this is your situation, then take a step back. Look inside of yourself and see what you are really asking for. If it isn’t money, then you should reconsider the relationship. You have the right to choose who you want in your life. So the next time you start asking yourself “Should I marry this person?”, take a step back and answer it another way:”I shouldn’t marry this person because… “

Once you answer the above questions honestly, you will have taken the step to look inside of yourself and see the reason why you shouldn’t marry this person. Otherwise, you risk getting stuck in a relationship with someone you don’t truly love. Love can be hard to come by, and that is why it’s important to do things correctly. If you do the things that I have suggested below, you will be able to avoid marriage.

Be on time for dates and meetings.

That means that you should never be late to a date or to an appointment. This is the first quality that people fall in love with. In the end, no one wants to be bothered by a stalker or a date who is late.

It would be the last thing to do if you want to show someone you care about being with you all the time.

steep down the drain.

Take a break! Have a vacation! A family event may be putting pressure on you. So be sure to have some time off. Take the time off and make some plans that will loosen up your schedule. Don’t go to every thing with your partner.

Stay active in your life.

It never helps to stay perfectly still. Your partner may feel like you are perfect but if you don’t like your situation, you need to change it. Go out and do something new! Try something you have never done before. You need to make sure that you have a direction for your life.

Trust your intuition.

Sometimes you are plagued with overwhelming emotions like rejection and fear, so it’s better to trust your gut. Your gut is like a weed, it grows out of control. The point is to seek that direction until it leads you the way.

Don’t live with the fear that you are going to be late for an appointment.

Can I get some of your time?

You have to make sure that you trust the person you are with. This means that you respond well to the time queries. A simple way to communicate this to the other person is by phoning back the minute. If you are late, call the person back. It shows that you trust them.

Stay away from your phone and your computer.

These are the two greatest enemies for everyone who is not able to get what they want! Eliminate your opportunity to become locked in on the other person. Be in the house, even if it means one of you is getting groceries. Other than that, talk and act like yourself.

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