Take Control of Your Relationships – Learn How to Keep Things Balanced

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Is your relationship settling into a pattern of too many things going too well for you? Do you know what balance means to a relationship, and how it can affect the success of your relationship? Do you feel as though you will not be able to control your relationship, no matter what you do? What you have done is right, but the key is to know how to Take Control of your relationship in an effort to get your relationship moving in the right direction.

Are you always turning to your guy to make decisions? Your guy has taken control in a big way, assuming he can. If your decisions involve anything whatsoever other than what you both agree on, guess what? He is responsible for his actions, and not you. This is the controlling factor in a relationship.

Are you taking every little thing he says against nor responding to hisBack Off Statementwhen it is something you would rather do alone? Are you giving him betterarge for what he is doing or not doing instead of engaging in conversation where he is comfortable detaching from any decisions he has made or cares to have introduced?

When you turn to your girlfriends or your man for advice, how are you going to get the balance of power right if he is making all the decisions instead of engaging in conversation where you can learn about each other? Learn how to Take Control of your relationship with these steps.

Become aware of his tendency to take control. If he feels as though it is always your choice when it comes to making decisions, this is trouble on its own. Don’t let him do this and see what happens.

If he pulls out all of the stops, and gives you a list to follow, remind him sometimes to Listener. Listening is not the same thing as acting like most women do when he does this, which is to just agree and go along with whatever he says. However, when you turn to your girlfriends or your man for advice, be discerning. Ask for a list from one of your girlfriends, or perhaps speak with a third person whose opinion really is based on your gut feeling, not on what you wish your guy would do.

The Controlling Tendencies of Men

Usually, the initial reaction of one is to want to reconcile, while the other is to stay as far away from such a relationship as possible. If your man is doing one of these things with you, it may be that he is determined to either break up with you, change your mind, or have his way with you.

• To test for controlling behavior, begin to ignore some things he constantly tells you that he just wants to see you at a certain time and not when it is convenient for him. see if he comes running, instead of when you are with others.

• If he feels strongly about something, may be hyper controlling. If your sudden irresistible attraction to him makes him stand up to his own convictions, then it may be that he is really a controlling man.

• historical Romantic behavior, for him could be a normal reaction to his childhood longing for his parents let it slide a bit and find out what you think about this.

If He Does, Does It to You

If a man does a thing you KNOW is not correct or a positive way to relate to you, it may be a sign that you are being controlled. Note that a man could be a controlling man even if he is a great guy. Observe if a while ago he does something with you and then does something to make you uncomfortable later, and see if that’s part of a pattern.

5 Signs a Man is a Controlling Mangu memy

Sign #1: Secret Voice

A controlling guy secretes a controlling or jealous voice when he is with you. He seldom hears what you say, or when you are together, he is so preoccupied with what he is doing that he is not able to interact or even communicate with you at all.

Sign #2: Body Language

A man is very aware of what is going on in your world and is usually very controlling in your interactions. For instance, if you want him to pay attention to you and focus on you, he becomes very withdrawn or less attentive.

Sign #3: Emotionalhetics

A guy is very aware of your emotions and is very good at making you feel comfortable with his touch and affection. This also accounts to a controlling man’s adore-at-first-know attitude.

Sign #4: Public Affection

This is when your boyfriend is affectionate, clingy, needy or overprotective when you’re in public. This can be very disconcerting, because you find yourself uncomfortable and may wish to distance yourself from him.

Sign #5: Possessiveness

This is the most difficult sign to decipher in the beginning stages of your relationship.

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