Signs That Say He Is Cheating On You

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Do you spend your days wondering if your man is cheating on you? Are your girlfriends, family and even coworkers aware of his infidelity? Does the thought of him cheating make you tired of your relationship and feeling miserable? Come on, admit it, you must feel depressed to such a degree that sometimes you feel ill. At first, you think that all may be well and that he is being clear about how he feels. However, the fact that he professes that he is cheating on you after being together for so long is enough for you to start worrying. There must be a reason, some evidence that would point your finger at him. Well, if you still can’t get your mind off him despite all the odds, then you must know the reasons why he cheated on you.

He felt unappreciated.

Sure, you probably gave in to some of his desires such as allowing him to have his own little girl to keep him company when you’re on a mission or just to say “I love you” more often. However, to what extent do you think he has considered your needs or what you want regarding your relationship? If he felt that he wasn’t answering your calls or that he doesn’t care about your needs, then there’s reason to distrust his word. Cheating isn’t always because of absence of affection or time spent with his family. Most of the time, it is because he has simply felt that you don’t mean much to him.

He felt pressured into singling you up.

Do you often find him mentioning that he has been asked to attend an important work seminar by the boss? It could be that he has been pressured by the boss to show his grades. It could be that one of his other girl friends has asked him to show off how his Markus trip has gone. Heck, it could even be that he’s been asked to show off how many girls he slept with. Sadly, there’s only one girl that this guy has been harassingly thinking of lately – you.

You have no idea how lucky you are.

He could have a girl out there that’s just dying to have him. He could have been harassing her too. She might have been giving him some signs for quite some time now, but did he even care? Well, if he’s a sincere guy, he would’ve gladly approached his woman and confessed that he wants to be with her. But instead, he has chosen to sneak off and hopefully eventually let her see that someone else is taking his place. Sometimes, there are people who are just too stuck-up that they never see the relationship that has been burning on the inside.

He felt like he’s losing his freedom.

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Sometimes, some men are taken by surprise. They haven’t written their thoughts down and in the process have difficulty recognizing when something’s gone wrong in the relationship. He might feel that he’s slowly slipping farther away and really doesn’t want to have to make a list of pros and cons, so he just goes ahead and says that both of you should take your decisions as they come. He doesn’t have the courage at all to face the humiliation of being singly responsible as to why he’s cheating on you.

There is nobody else but you at the moment.

This is the ultimate test for how truly into you he is. Some guys would say this to test your feelings for him. It’s a test of your loyalty and your faithfulness as well. If you can’t even consider your other single friends, then what makes you think that he’ll be able to discuss you and love you all the time?

He isn’t proud of other women.

One of the most obvious signs that he’s cheating on you is when he openly discusses other women like your best friend or your boss. He might even openly fantasize about other women in your presence. You need to face the fact that if he’s getting jealous more that’s because he’s emotionally involved with someone else.

These next tips will point out some of the most obvious signs of cheating. What you will need to do is to talk about the matter openly. If he won’t open up to you about what’s bothering him and he won’t tell you how he’s feeling at the moment, leave him. You need to affirm that you’re not that easy to trick or you’re not going to lose your mind if he’s been caught cheating on you.

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