Secrets of Flirting – How To Flirt With Women

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You have probably heard the term, “flirting”, being used in context with a woman. Figuratively speaking, flirting is the process of subtly indicating to a woman that you are attracted to her while sending mixed signals to let her know that you are possibly interested in her romantically.

But what happens when you are out in public like in a bar or a club, sees a woman you find attractive and wants to initiate conversation with her?Now, if you are one of those men who gets anxiety attacks every time this thought comes up in your mind then you should know that flirting is nothing to get all works raised.

Read on to find out some of the best ways to attract women right from the gut.

First things first, the most important thing you should know is that you should NEVER, EVER, ask a woman out on a romantic date. Now, what you want to do is walk up to a woman with the intention of making friends and trying to get to know her better. Talk to her and just treat her like another individual in the company of her friends. This is when you “accidentally” hit a dead end in your seemingly romantic interaction with her. Well, either this kills the overall possibility of something romantic happening between the two of you OR you completely blew a perfectly good opportunity, since if she liked you, she would have responded to your overtures by saying yes!

Why is the term “accidentally”? Why not let things just happen? Well, the good thing with that scenario is that it creates a scenario in which she does not have to give her thoughts about romance, commitment and theIZ remark to you. Keep them free and let them just happen.

The term also comes to the fact that when you do it in a natural and unaffected way, the woman will not have any hang-up about romance, or getting too intimate too fast. Most often than not the man who introduces himself to a woman with the intention of being a friend or a casual date, ends up looking like a creep or stalker in her eyes. And that is certainly bad, because you do not want to create this kind of impression in her mind before you really get to know her.

In case things get heated you can then get the conversation on the subject in hand. It makes no sense to keep talking about the topic, which is of no interest to you anyway. You have to keep your cool, at least for the first few minutes. Just engage her in a light conversation, which will be of benefit to you, anyway:)

Maintain your composure.Do not let her know that you are nervous about approaching her. She will sense that and the most important thing for you to do at that point would be to appear non-needy. One of the ways to do this is to count to five slowly right before you walk up to her and start talking. After you feel your heart rate slowing down as you walk to her, engage her in a conversation and just ask her the time. But don’t let it get out of hand.

At about the five-minute point, I will tell you to stick around for an extra five or so minutes. And now as her attention is clinch, just ask her…

“Hey, you know what? I’m sorry, but I have to leave. I need to meet a friend. Is there a somewhere you want to be and can I take you there?”

Most women will be so stunned that they forget about their friend at that point and will be willing to help your friend find a suitable partner. Remember not to accuse her of flirting, as she doesn’t even know you, and she might just be genuinely busy. If she is friendly and in a habit of meeting men it is logical for you to make sure you are on her good side, and all the better if there are less men in her room then men.

Now does this all sound too simple? It does for men who take this kind of approach, and men fortunately enough are stupid enough not to let this happen and to do something about the situation at the earliest possible opportunity. So if you have your steps set, and you are confident that none of my tips is going to go wrong you should do your best, and if you are going to be at least a little persistent. Remember this well.

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