Never Talk About Fight Club And You’ll Get More Girls Than You Believe

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Attraction isn’t a choice. And the more you choose what you’re attracted to, the more girls you’ll end up with.

Which means that never talk about fight club. What? They joke about it all the time. They make it a joke. They’re always cracking up.

Do I need to say more?

Generally speaking, if you’re looking to get more girls, then leave fight club out of your life.

Intended audience: This is not the type of girl you’re looking to get. This is the type of girl you’re looking to settle down with and have a nice family living. If she’s a neg, she’s still going to be dating you long after her prime.

So forget about fight club. Talk about going to her place, her successes, her failures. Talk about what makes her buckle when she’s up against a boss or a client. Talk about her being race car nervous. Mention that guys are literally throwing themselves off the handle trying to get her into a car crash.

Give her the reasons she’s getting with you, instead of using us as her taxi to get her over a particular limit.

What Kind of Girls Are We Talking About?You can only get so many gold stars on your attraction meter, and they are earned. More often than not, you’re going to pick up a girl that’s higher quality than lower quality ones we’ve been talking about.

Now, are the women in your quest going to be happy that you’re talking to them? That’s a yes. That depends.

If you take them away, then yes, they’re going to be sad about it. Magic isn’t a power all that powerful. It’s a power to please, and touch others. It’s a power to steal, which also means power to hurt.

Are girls going to litigate you every time you take them out? No way. Are you going get a slap from a woman who hits you over the head with an ice cream? Well between us, let’s say, “No chance.”

Are we going to have a mutual problem where one of you gets frustrated and goes into a rage whenever you don’t do exactly as you please? This kind of girl? I mean, you’re a powerful male, and you’re responsible for her happiness, but if she doesn’t exactly like you, then what are you going to do about it?

Are we going to have a problem, and when you go into a public place to deal with her, she looks like someone else? Are you going to have to deal with that widely?

No, probably not.

You’ve probably got a couple of women that fit this bill. Don’t get butt hurt, just give yourself some time. Find that super hot girl. Stay far far away from the mediocre girls.

Most of us don’t want to spend a lot of time with a mediocre person, and some women don’t either. Sometimes, she just wants to be friends, which is one of the most powerful ways of manipulating and controlling a man.

So forget her Persona and the twenty thousand other things she has overcome to get you. No thank you, there’s nothing that any woman has won’t do to get what she wants. Including:

She wants you to pay her rent. She wants you to buy her gifts, and go to the kind of functions she wants to go to. She wants you to take her to the romantic getaway with her parents that she’s wanted to go to forever.

Are you going to find yourself happy that you’re dating a woman like this? Of course not.

This is why you should be single be high-shine.

Women like it when a man demonstrates that he is not spending time with her for the wrong purposes. She’s specifically drawn to him because he’s not with her, and it’s very easy to be in one place doing the exact things that will squeeze her dry.

These are all signs that you’re not exactly the best match. If you use them, she might video-tape your Facebook profile and send you emails or Facebook messages.

Women prefer men who are solid as a rock. So if your life is solid, you’ll have exactly that in the woman you’ll end up with, as well.

Be a man about it: don’t date these women. Have the desperation in your eye, drunk at tequila and drowning your thoughts in porn movies.

You’re meant for someone better than that.

Build amnesia. Somewhere, there may be a single woman who appreciates you as much, and who simply needs to find you, and end your single living nightmare.

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