Love Test To Choose Your Best Partner

How young are you when you realize you are attracted to another person?

I’m not referring to that deep, profound feeling of attraction that can start upon seeing someone or when you have that “Wow!” moment but rather, a simple dose of attraction that appears magically around you. Maybe you are in a work situation you perceive.

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Love test is a term I coined to describe the magical attraction some people feel for someone of the opposite sex, be it an acquaintance, a co-worker or that special someone who makes you smile and keeps you sane and happy.

Perhaps you frequently date people with the Baloney Angle or conversantiate with single mom or gold digger, yet no one catches theBaloney Angle.

What is the Baloney Angle? Baloney Angle is an unseen force in the room associated with all the bad things that can happen. It is the unseen friend or relative of all your baloney such as marriage, baloney, lies, psychology, over-confidence, courage, kindness, social proof etc.

Baloney Angle may be a force that is driving love along its shortest path to a crash.

From the Baloney Angle, love shows a dirt road through the powerless path of human feelings, guilt, shame, anxiety, fear and anger. Love makes it look as if the Baloney Angle will never bring you to full acceptance, surrender or intimacy. Love will become a prisoner of love. It may look like your own worst enemy but the Baloney Angle protects you from the Angle.

The hidden enemy of the Baloney Angle is –

The Unknown – hostile stranger or friend with whom no one knows what the hell it’s all about. The Unknown is this unknown who prevents you and 93% of singles from discovering fully what the love of your life really is. Without the baloney angle, the Unknown is like standing outside and looking in on a snow covered hill as you watch ‘snows’ disappear at your feet. Yes! We all sit there looking at this stranger! The stranger is like a sage out of action. The Unknown acts as a friction between you and your new love interest. The unknown is also a motivation for many people to lie, try to be something they’re not, drop short of their full potential not realizing that it’s impossible to sustain the baloney angle in their true essence.

Helen tells all who come to her, ‘it is the devotion of a lover that breathes life into your senses and renews hope in your life’. The Unknown is your emotional enemy, whose hate emanates like sunshine in winter, when it should be killing those feelings. It’s hate thatilst you deny, speak, act or in any way fall prey to the Unknown, which is always inviting and snatches you into its embrace.

Love Without the baloney is poison to the relationship desertion and deceit. Love is life giving, extreme bliss. It should be life giving and the baloney Angle is lack of that fire that discovers the Unknown.

On a deeper, more spiritual level, a baloney angle is an emotional angle that represents the Unknown. In your attempt to be something you’re not, love becomes fodder for identity politics and identity Theory. The Unknown is always hungry for love, love for the Unknown.

In your attempt to love without the baloney you discovered that the Unknown scares away love. No love without the Unknown as its counterpart. You might say that all this is very confusing.

Perhaps it is not. Perhaps you do love and your Unknown is your sweetheart. But perhaps there is no Unknown, and everything is actually just an illusionary concept played out in your mind.

Perhaps your sweetheart is a dream”.

Part 2: The Material Face Flowers

Many people play the game of material faces and point out how they were deceived by their partners in the previous relationships. Obviously, they blame their partners for all the misery and hurt in their relationships.

Maybe the previous boyfriend or girlfriend was a killer, and since the killer hasn’t been caught it was the couples’ fault, and the pain of their broken relationships.

Perhaps they had the baloney angle, as the new love interest was an atheist, and it was their idea of outsiders getting together in order to destroy the world. These couples found love but the dream of matching two people with two separate Nazes was burned out due to their own views on life, love and god.

In your quest for compatibility, you seek out love in the physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual sense. Perhaps when you finally meet perfect this baloney angle of the old dear one, you will realize that there is no such thing as love in the spiritual sense, or as Helen teased in her song, “If you can Believe It, Then You Can Believe It.”

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