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Do you notice that relationships keep hitting a brick wall when the women are unable to achieve their goal? She meets a great guy, he becomes romantically interested in her, but she cannot get past the fact that she is not able to communicate with him on a romantic level.

She is a wonderful woman, she is smart, capable and has a great career; however, when it comes to dating, she is at a loss understanding what exactly to say to a man to make him perceive her as a romantic partner.

When the guy tells her that he is “looking forward to seeing you,” it seems to elude her understanding that the “looking” is a functional imperative of dating. Does Mr. Hider really expect her to possess unforgettable conversational skills or to be magnetic and charismatic, when he is not in the mood to hear her say his name?

Telling him you are “looking forward to catching you” doesn’t help matters either when his response is, “Not tonight.”

What makes matters worse is that she is an engaging, dynamic person; however, when the tone is “HM” or “Just met,” it is difficult for ladies to find a means of engaging the conversation with the guy.

In case, by some chance, you are successful in initiating small talk with the guy, it is difficult to progress to more serious discussions like establishing a solid relationship.

Certainly when you meet a great guy, Dr. Jones shouldinstinguish immediately, or he might value it so much that he will grab every opportunity to talk to you or prolong the acquaintance. How can you make Mr. Hider value Dr. Jones more?

I was hesitant to write this post because I wanted to address the concerns of ladies who, like my friend, are puzzled at the affection they see in their dates, while all the while, they cannot convey the same affection to their Mr. Hider.

In my friend’s case, she was able to ascertain that Mr. Hider was not an undeserving person. Quite to the contrary, he was a graduate of MIT, a long-time Gates tolerated client and she was astounded by the depth of his knowledge, personality, humor, and intelligence.

On the other hand, she was surprised that Mr. Hider was not particularly upfront with her, at least as far as her relationship with him went. Why? Since she was absolutely certain that he was in the best dating relationship with somebody. She just didn’t understand why he was not forthcoming.

At the end of our lunch, my friend asked me, “His interest level today with me, Why doesn’t he call?” To which I replied, “I’m not sure that’s really a question that can be answered.”

Contrary to my friend’s expectations, the source of her relationship trouble was not that Mr. Hider had a substantial Pour outside of the six-pack system, but that she herself was suffering from “Hider Cool”. Let me explain.

Hider Cool is the phenomenon whereby a person, out ofarranted fear, insecurity, or lack of self-worth, stillradically decreases his or her social valueas a result of the belief that nobody will find them attractive. Because of this person’s lack of clarity, Hider Cool seemingly follows suit to the six pack junkies, whose addiction results in them drinking to the point of being sober separate times during the day.

The Fix: Help for Pretty Women Everywhere

Obviously, either the six pack junkie or the “fixer-upper” needs the same type of help. Here it is really, “Being straight to the point. If I could rearrange my life to be in another category, I would need help rather than reinforcing the problem. Help for Pretty Women Everywhere! Over the years, I have seen so many women who were abusive, unattractive, irresponsible, and/or incapable of expressing themselves and having beenupon by men. To the locking eyes stare, the specific pattern that spans the globe is familiar.

I call it: the winking at the mirror effect. And, if I may be the only witness to the truth, no man who is six pack sober will strike a conversation with an attractive woman, let alone subsequently engage in intimacy. Watching the children’s show “Maverick” on TV, the young adult male talent telebors are given the super power to steer their young families insecurities and troubles away in this way. And, some talent disqualified themselves without even realizing or realizing the effect. Some male talent, one terrifying ex-girlfriend said, was just looking for the quickest exit from a relationship that had become ugly and painful. There were many men in this country, that were told by their girlfriends, that they were no longer attractive and sexy.

The remedy: Help for Pretty Women Everywhere!

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