Internet Dating Should Be Fun


Time changes hands fast; there are a lot of networks on the web as it contains multiple companies that are looking to exploit your personal information in their marketing efforts. That said there are still a few companies that are sticking with the old school techniques of running a simple form letter and have been turning up lately in your inbox.

Be careful if they are not from a reputable company. Most of these massmarketing techniques are puppies. They are too cheap to be true and from what I hear some of them are being marketed not to improve your love life but rather to fit a wider market in desperate need for income.

The same was said about television. It is true that there are some excellent shows, but even then you have to consider what information the writer could be getting from you and the credit card information on the card he or she has bought. There is an excellent chance that one of these ads is not legitimate.

Let’s say you are lucky enough to find an online dating site that is not a part of a larger marketing campaign and one of these companies falls like a ton of bricks on your doorstep. You are in a great relationship with someone dedicated to you and keeping you happy. Their pitch is that they will find you a match.

Don’t let the flash and obnoxious marketing frenzy of the moment blind you from the truth. Every consumer should know if they are being fed a pig’s breakfast.

If you are fed a horse, you have a friendship with that horse. Let’s say one of these companies is selling feeds and meat and a 10 year old boy wants to know all about feed genetics. He wants a 15 year old girl’s DNA.

The fact is you don’t know anything about that either. How do you know from a 10 year old boy or even a 15 year old girl’s DNA what they really want to know about you? You don’t. You don’t have 10 years of age. You don’t have 15 years of age. This is not something that ever crosses a 15 year old girl’s mind.

This is dangerous and will leave you livid should you find out that you have attracted a strange adult male through no fault of your own. They could be a predator or a stalker or worse.

It is one thing to spend time with a potential mate and you want to know all about that person. It is quite another to become intimate by having sex. No matter what the age difference is the fact remains that you don’t know who this person is or how they view the opposite sex. So please don’t let a 10 or 15 year age difference ¾”sugar daddy”�ATIVE change your love life.

I spent several years of my precious life Mysteries, lies and lips. It panned out, believe me, like a train wreck. Some of the adventures have been good, others have been disappointing, but no matter what the deal is, you don’t know.

You know, after my revelation of truth about my past love affairs I became fascinated with how some 15 year old girls would twist my words like putty.

“Where did you go?””What do you want to be when you grow up?””Where are you from?””What is your family like?””Are you ever going to have children?””Are you doing anything you regret?””What quality of a man turns you on?””What quality of a woman turns you on?”

They could care less what your background is, how much money you make, what you look like or what kind of car you drive. These are simple questions that all share. They want to know this because this mystery presents a challenge. They know that you can’t be myself because we all have flaws. This means friendship is impossible.

They can only be curious.

If you are a woman of mystery like I used to be, it is not surprising that they are uncontrollably attracted to you because of the perceived challenge. Women want to be with a challenge.

When the going gets tough, as you are aware of it, do you still want to be with the person you are with? Or do you prefer to be on your own, maybe wondering where that next adventure will come from? It’s the same with men.

It’s flattering to think that men crave a bit of mystery, but tranquility can only be experienced in person. Perhaps, they want it a lot, but, they can already tell if you have it or not? Nothing remains a mystery to them after you reveal everything about yourself. They have achieved intimacy. They have boo-boo-ed with you.

The last thing men want is to be in a relationship just for the intimacy.

man holding fence beside woman