How to Test a Guy to See If He Is Faithful – Now You Will Know If He is Acting Outright Towards You

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There comes a time in your love life when you want to do an audit and find out if all your investment of time and emotion is going in the right direction. If you are not sure whether your man is cheating on you or not, you don’t have to go through a sorting out process. Here are the surefire ways you can test your man’s faithfulness to you.

Is it just lust or is there something else?One of the common ways to prove if your man is cheating on you is by gauging his reaction when you touch his sensitive areas. If he is cheating on you and doesn’t want you to touch him, he will tense up and get defensive.

Talk about serious issuesIf you are in the relationship for a long time and eventually cannot seem to have a word to say to each other, it could mean that you are two are two different people. Talk about serious topics, like commitment, feelings, marriage and kids etc. See if he gets bored out of his mind!

Go out on a dateTrying to find out if your man is cheating on you is the easiest way to find the truth. Go on a date and don’t tell your man all the details. If you have gone out frequently and seen no signs of unusual behavior then he is probably cheating on you. But if you happen to take a special friend to go footballing with then you have a pretty good idea as to whether your man is fooling you or not.

Don’t be paranoid about your man disappearingsEarlier it used to be a big silly affair if your man and his best friend used to go missing. But today when all the world knows that women cheat and it is happening with men as well it is much easier to prove your suspicions. If you fear that your man could be cheating then you should catch his slip and confront him.

Bad signIf you just feel that your man is losing interest in you, you should look for the typical signs that tell you that something is wrong. If you sense that your man is becoming cold, feels frustrated and is just not happy with the relationship and wants to leave you then it is truthful.

Loss of interestOver a period of time you can begin to see signs that your man is losing interest in you. He will stop taking active interest in the things you want to do and become neglectful and angry. Loss of interest is one of the classic signs of cheating.

Abusive behaviorKeep a note of the way your man behaves with you. Is he still caring and protective of you or is he starting to display discourteous behavior? If your man has become abusive of you and tries to hurt you or even hits you then you need to act in a nonchalant manner and should not pursue him.

concealment from youHiding oneself and finding excuses to conceal his feelings from you are two classic signs of cheating. If your man is not being open about his feelings and interests at all then you have to wonder if he is cheating on you. May be he is trying to hide the truth from you to put you off the scent. But if he is being honest with you and is always up talking about his other relationships, may be it a jealous relationship with his sister or wife etc then it proves that he is cheating on you.

Try to spy on your manIf you can’t sleep at nights then spy on your guy to find out if he is cheating on you. Is he staying late at home and making no disposition of leave then it proves that he is either not interested in you anymore or is getting some one else. Either way you will know when you find out the truth.

Flirt with his best friendEven though cheaters are pretty endurance mistreated, they always redoubtable over such a trivial matter. So unless you can verify if your man is cheating on you or not you should be cautious in his behaviors with his best friend. When you do you could confront him and let him know that you’ve had gut feeling for him for a long time now and he has not been very open in relationships.

Starts paying more attention to everything elseEvery time you are together with your man he becomes soEverybody around you seems special. Is he devoting more time to other people and going to parties etc? Does he give as much importance to your opinion on things and engage in what you are saying? Subtle signs like these can be bad signs.

Wants to spend more time away from youThere is something fishy if your man is making big plans to remove himself from you. Try to observe this well and be alert.

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