How To Smoothly Get A Girl To Like You

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Having a hard time getting a girl to like you? If you’re like most guys then you’ve got your eye on a special girl. You’ve tried playing it cool, flirting with her, but nothing seems to work. So what do you do next?

Sadly, this is a problem that many guys have. Whether it’s because they don’t know what to do or they’ve never really had successful relationships with women they generally try a couple of simple things to get a girl to like them. These are a couple of the things we typically do.

What To Do:Playing it cool and being non-committal is the first thing you can do. This may not seem like it’ll work the first time, but over time it does work. Why? Well girls naturally want someone who is mysterious and is making a real effort to be involved in their lives. If you’re always available and willing to hang out she’ll get tired of that every time because its easy to tell her what she wants to hear. You want to seem a bit dubious. She’ll be wondering if the guy I just talked to really likes me or is just blowing smoke. She’s also going to be wondering if I really respect her or if I’m just blowing smoke with my unreliable actions.

Playing It Safe: settles for regular texts, calls, and dates away to keep the peace. This is probably a familiar thing to you. Well, it may well work for some girls, but it won’t work for everyone. Why? Well many girls are still hurt from a previous boyfriend who treated her in a familiar way. She still feels objectified by the way he treated her, so when you’re acting in a way that seems to be in direct contrast to that she’s already made up mind this is going to do a number of things: Bad Thing #1 – you earn her anger this way, and — Bad Thing #2 — bad things can happen to her.

There are a lot of different things you can do that won’t really touch the issue. If you’re confident, she’ll likely be comfortable with what you’re doing. If you’re nervous, she’ll notice that and maybe even help you overcome that. Yet what you send out there is important. You want to casually, and sensually, touch her body and mind without her being able to sense that you’re up for anything more. Just smile at her this way and that and make a passing physical contact. When you make a casual physical contact pass her physical boundaries she’ll feel comfortable with that. Once you’ve made physical contact then Lead her on a bit. A light touch on the shoulder, arm, or hand then ignore her for a bit and flirt with her friend. Her friend will in turn flirt with her, leading you to make more physical contact. You can flirt with her body parts without her being disgusted or uncomfortable though!

What To Avoid When Flirting:Although you definitely want to flirt with her and enjoy the experience, by all means do not take it too far. Only make the first contact a light touch on the arm or shoulder, and wait for her to respond. Most girls won’t immediately make a physical response if you just made light contact. Wait a few moments, but nowhere near a few seconds. Then look at her maybe smile, and then make a passing physical contact. Be careful and do not make it obvious where you are coming from. Try to make it look like that it came from the guy behind her, who she might have seen yesterday. Since you’re bolding up you made sure to compliment her other physical attributes. Say how pretty her eyes are, how neatly they trimmed her dress, or how nice her complexion and hair look. Use your humor, but keep it subtle and complimentary. The key: the slightest hint of your criticism will send her brains in a pitched movement, scrambling for a way to get away. Even when you’re leading her by the hand to make her appreciate attraction she won’t be able to get away fast enough.

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