How to Make Your Man Super Happy! Keep Him Happy & He Will Never Think About Leaving You!

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Unlike women, men are not that emotional as their female counterparts. Plus, they are much more simple that they are. So, getting a man to be happy by allowing him to keep his things and giving him some money may not be that easy. It’s actually rather easy when you know and actually follow these ultimately romantic ways of making him contented….

Let him have his freedomThis means giving him time with his friends. Allow him a night out with his friends, at times, even if you don’t like them and at times, let him stay away from you by himself. This is so important because men love to get to see their friends, and if you keep him away even for a little while, he will yearn to be together.

Look your best for him and for yourselfMen want their women looking good for them all the time. Keeping yourself fit, taking care of your health maybe add to his happiness, so try and keep yourself in shape and look great for him. Maybe he just loves it when you are “easy going”, so keep a good balance and stay happy.

Try to enjoy the simple things in lifeMen and women alike need to keep score. When you keep a list of the things you like to do and the places you like to go, it keeps you in the right frame of mind and keeps you happy about your life. And do not be afraid to try out new things, even if they interest you at first, as time goes by, you will look at it and realize that a new adventure is just something you must have, so just go ahead and do those things with your man, you probably won’t regret it.

Let the little things go and have funIf an important reminder falls on your lap, don’t stress yourself, ignore the bad parts, let them go, and have fun. Men often hate stress, so try and lessen the pressure brought about by time, work, etc. Every day is new and exciting, learn to make the most of it.

Sometimes things are not as bad as you thinkIn spite of what a dumping day can be, or how horrid the past few days have been, your man may just need a little bit of reminding of how nice it is to be around him. But constantly harping on how bad things have been or telling him every little thing can only make him more considering leaving you.

It’s not all about him, be a womanYou need to have a life too and so does he. Keeping your man under constant pressure will shoo him off, so have a life of your own even if he is the only person in your life. Don’t just have a little romance and romance every time you get a chance.

You do love her, so love him backShe is not just there to help you say all the right things or attend to your every need. Acknowledge your emotions too, give him some compassion and love. It may not be what you expect when you want to be reminded how much you love him, but remember, if he can’t; he won’t.

It’s not all about opinions and your needsIt is heartening to find a few buddies who appreciate your ideas and opinion and support. But relationships all need compromise. When it comes to opinions it can go to such an extent that it shuts out anybody with different views. So if you are in a relationship that is going through an emotional patch just being different is not good.

Never mistreat himBeing in a relationship is not all about adoring each other to the point of the point of bone breaking. You need to have a friend in the same boat, be genuine and non-critical and your relationship will be stronger. Go easy on him, this does not mean that you lowly yourself by making insinuations, being unnecessarily rude, spitting out hates etc.

Never be a doormatJust because you are secure in your relationship doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t want to have his own space. If you give him too much leeway he will take advantage of it and the moment you try to stop him he will walk all over you. So, if he grows tired of your ministrations he will either get annoyed with you and take an opportunity to break free, or take you as a cliché and get comfortable with ‘me-and-mine sing ‘ syndrome.

Never let yourself goMen do love the view of naked women, as much as we women do. Keeping yourself in shape is a great part of keeping your man happy. Men also take pride in what they see; there is something that hits their excitement button each time. So, stay in shape, no matter how much you would prefer the hamburgers and fries.

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