How to Keep Your New Boyfriend Interested in You? 7 Tricks You Shouldn’t Miss at Any Possible Cost

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The first few months of the relationship are the most adorable times of your life. So it would be a serious shame if those cute feelings were suddenly replaced by something more stable and lasting. Though there’s no absolute rule as to how to keep your new boyfriend interested, some practical tips may do the trick.

Give Him Some Space.Most of the time, being around the guydoesn’t let you realize that he’s developing some wandering eyes. Give him some space – more so during the initial days of your relationship. It’s perfectly okay if you want to be alone with him at times. Men appreciate such independence-minded women.

Keep boredom from hell away.You may be surrounded by so many girls and you may feel like you would be too much of a lazy weekend camper if you don’t at least try to look your best. Have a girl’s night out every now and then. Remember, you need to keep your boyfriend interested in you.

Do some girlie stuff together.You can be together but still keep things personal. That’s why it’s important to spend some time together just so you are able to keep his interest in you. Another thing that you can do is to have a date night every week. It would be nice to go out during weekends, but most of the time, people are busy. Choose something romantic that you can both enjoy. Aside from that, you can pretty much do anything you want when you get home.

Give him compliments.More so than anything, men are always favored by compliments. You can give him compliments whenever you see fit. It could be about how weak his slap is, how worried he looks in your eyes, how much work he has gotten lately or how sloppy he looked in his pair of boxers.

Be sweet yet cruel.Guys want to be loved for who they are so it would be nice if you can put some smileys in his face. Be respectful of his manhood. You may find some instances where he would need your advice. You can be creative in giving compliments to your boyfriend. You can give him a Has gangBoost. You can also give him a dose of Can I Dance with You?

Keep the conversations alive.Does he like to spend his vacation in the beach? Why don’t you all go have lunch at the beach and swim some hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Aside from that, you can have sex in the most romantic setting.

Love his family.You are fortunate if your boyfriend has a loving family. If he has brothers and sisters, be nice to them. You should make it a point that you get along with their family so that your boyfriend would feel proud of you and he will be proud of you as well.

Be very much available.You need to make your boyfriend realize your value. You should suggest to him that he should see his family during family-related events. You should also decide to be present during important occasions.

Be remarkably successful.When you want to keep your boyfriend’s interest, you must be successful as well. You need to be the best in your field and ensure that all your work gets noticed. He needs to see that you are gradually moving up in your career.

Be around.You need to ensure that your boyfriend notices you throughout the week. Be nice to the people around you but don’t forget to be unavailable to talk to your boyfriend. He should realize that he doesn’t have hold on you. This will talk about how promising a relationship your relationship is.

Be his great confidant.In the absence of a pre-assured boyfriend, it’s your job to make sure that he gets to spend more time with you. If you disappear for few days, he should realize that he needs to give you more attention in order for you to be spend more time with him.

Be his equal.It’s also possible for you to become his best friend. He can hangout with you and at the same time, flirt with you. Your job as his confidant is pretty crucial. Also, keep up with his hobbies. If he’s big into basketball, you can pursue your love for the sport. You can always try to like basketball even though you’re not much. You need to do all you can to make your boyfriend notice you.

Follow these tips on how to keep your boyfriend interested and you will never be jealous of the other girls in his life.

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