How to Have a Sexy Conversation With Girls

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Consider this; how many sexy things do you know about girls? You probably don’t know many, or at least none that are absolutely SO sexy. Sexy is such a subjective term. What, then, is the point of knowing just a few sexy things about girls? Given the vast diversity and abundance of sexy things about girls out there, what makes one sure that what you just learned is indeed as sexy as it sounds?

To put it simply, a list of sexy things about girls is a list of opinions. Moreover, given the varying and unpredictable nature of girls as well, you seriously need to consider whether what you just learned is correct, given the uncertainties involved. Furthermore, it’s just such a big turn off to have to repeat stuff you learned again and again. Why would you want to do that?

A great way to avoid repeating what you’ve learned (or being repetitive yourself) is to get consistently spoiled with experience. By always being exposed to new positions, new looks, new behaviors and new nuances, your brain will nonetheless learn a lot from each experience. The more new stuff you apply, the quicker your mind will adapt and the more effective your learning curve will be.

Given that, here are 7 awesome tips for applying what you will learn about girls the very same day you read this:

1. And the number one of all sexy things about a girl – she loves getting compliments.Guys love sex, girls love compliments. If you want to have sexy conversations with girls you are going to have to shower her with praise and tokens of your appreciation. And the best compliments of all are the unexpected, pleasantly tone of voice you use when giving her a compliment. Say something unexpected or out of the ordinary and watch her give you the most ecstatic feedback ever.

2. Girls love guys who are fun to be with.While you are dead scared of burning due to the element of surprise, you need to learn to be comfortable with surprises as they compel her to respond. Because of that, it would be absolutely vital for you to learn how to work with boredom. That’s where your fear of screwing up comes from. Don’t worry, once you got her, you will be able to work your magic with boredom.

3. Have as much confidence as you can possibly muster.Guys are the weak-immolics by nature, and girls are the strong-bodied sorts. That is not to say she wouldn’t respect your brains penetrating nature, which could rise up to arouse her interest. But she will walk all over you if you appear all shaky and scared.

4. Use your hands when talking to a girl.Just like the earlier point, you need to learn how to use your hands to produce a strong yet soft effect to arouse her sensual nature. However, you will need to keep that decision making process as clear as possible between you and her, and she will not be able to tell from your body language.

5. Tell interesting stories.Stories are the most powerful tool a man can have to make women become extremely-specialized and aroused. And a good story, which is known as a horror story, generates mass amounts of fear and sexual desire in a girl.

6. Have multiple layers of discussion.Once you have her laughing and terrified, you need to ignore her for a while. Instead, move around the room, visit with other girls and make her go through what you are telling her. When you are able to catch her attention again, tell her a short story about your dog. Then take her by the hand and guide her to the dog park.

7. Get to know her friends.If you want to seduce her friends, you will need to appear as someone who is popular in the pack. Because of this, you will have to master the art of ignoring a girl then talking to her friends while in the group. You need to think about her friends’ interest before talking to them, too. Don’t worry; she will definitely be interested in you after hearing your story.

Sometimes, it would be beneficial for you to know a few tricks of the trade in the world of seduction, too. Merely practicing the tips above will boost your confidence in no time and would be the highest advice one can give to a newbie.

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