Here is How to Make Your Boyfriend Need You More and More! Here is How to Keep Him Attracted to You

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Every woman longs for a boyfriend, a person to hold her, to care for her. She also wants a man who does not go into a relationship with a woman just for the heck of it. She wants to have something more significant with the man. And that is precisely why most women get so addicted to their boyfriend. Women confess that they long for their boyfriend to be their better half and that they do not bother to consider themselves as a priority in a guy’s life. Their men are always the one who brings them gifts, makes them feel special, and wants to spend a lot of time with them. They are always the ones who plan the dates, talk about the future, and asks his girlfriend how she feels about a certain issue. The women reminisce about the good years when women were in love. It’s almost as if they can see their future. If you are one of those women who long to be in a committed relationship but just don’t know how to make it happen, then here are ways that you could show your boyfriend that you want it.

1.    Show him that you trust him with your life. Men are not as emotional as women are. They are sometimes unsure of what to really say, thus, girls are more comfortable when they have a man who can soften their toughness.  For women, it is normal to be in a committed relationship, however, men have difficulties to give in to that kind of pressure. Being in a committed relationship requires mutual trust, which is why, women, can sometimes take this away from them. However, if you want your boyfriend to need you more, then you should learn to trust him. Don’t push him to commit to you, let him decide on his own. He will love you more for it.

2.    Do things that he loves to do and see the future in it. Take him to your favorite fishing place, buy him tickets for a baseball game, and tell him that you ever wanted to go there. Make plans with your girlfriends too, just the two of you. Sitting together and talking about nothing matters to him. He sees that you are a very well-rounded person, who has the ability to let go and enjoy the moment. Guys want to be with a lady who knows how to enjoy life.

3.    Share your thoughts, your views, and your feelings, but not in the way he does. A relationship should ever progress where it’s been growth; sharing your ideas, thoughts, and feelings should come spontaneously from you not him. He may not agree to your way of thinking, but at least he understands how you feel. The only way to have a meaningful relationship is for each of you to have individuality. Any relationship can only be successful when both of you stand strong in your beliefs.

4.    Give him time for himself. While it is important to spend time together, it is also important to spend time apart. You need to do this so that he will need you even more. To do so, you need to let him spend time doing his own thing, doing the things that he enjoys, and HOPING that you will have the time to spend with him again. By doing this, you are allowing him to realize how much he needs you around. And he will not fully rely on you for everything, because he prefers “you” to be around, irrespective of what the future holds for the two of you.

5.    Don’t try to control every aspect of his life. Men always want a woman to understand them, while at the same time, they want you to understand them. Do not try to tell him what he can and cannot do, don’t stalk him, and don’t expect him to tell you what you need to know. This will only make you come across as a desperate woman. Both sexes don’t like being controlled, so when you find that your boyfriend is suffocating you, get out of the relationship.

If you are discovering that your boyfriend is not responding to the relationship and needs you more, and yet you act like you don’t need him, then you only confirm his fear. Men are scared off by women who don’t need them, so if you find yourself acting this way, then it is time to let him go.

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