First Date Do’s And Dont’s

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First dates are scary. Most people hate the idea of having to go on a first date. Will you like them? Will they like you? What do I talk about? It feels more like a job interview than a date. Here are some basic tips to make your first time ever a success.

DON’T Talk About An Ex Or Past Relationship

Nobody wants to know about all the juicy details of your last relationship; that’s something you save for much, much further down the line. Talking about other people you were once with can cause jealousy, or make the other person think you’re still emotionally in that relationship, and turn them off. Sure, everybody has a past, but there’s a difference between Talking About Your Ex, and talking about secrets that should remain a secret. On a first date, it’s just not a good idea to bring up anything regarding your ex.

DO Smile!

Smiling always sends a positive vibe out to people you’re with. We’ve all heard the saying “smile and the world will smile at you” This goes for your date as well. All it takes is one smile, and the ability to smile in any situation to make everybody feel comfortable and good. By smiling, you’re telling the person you’re with that you’re comfortable and open to everyone.

DON’T Answer Your Cell Phone

I’ve seen people text flirty messages during a first date that would put someone to sleep. Nobody likes to be concerned with someone else’s life when they’re on a date. It’s very romantic to be with someone in person, but by text messaging, it’s almost impossible to work on being romantic. By responding to your date with texts, you’re telling him or her that you’ll miss them if they’re gone.

DO Wear An Outfit

Ask a girlfriend or a friend to dress up for a date, and wear an outfit just a little bit revealing. This can be a nice thing to do, because subconsciously we’re all hoping for a good first impression, and dressing up can certainly help out. Wear something that will look good on you, and feel good too.

DON’T Wear Something Too revealing

While showing a little skin is most women’s idea of taking the edge off, showing too much skin might not be the best thing. You don’t want to look like a nymphomaniac. Shortly thereafter, all the guys will start looking at you as a sexually hungry animal. Keep in mind how much time it takes you to get ready to go out, and how much effort it takes to maintain those sexy looks. You don’t want to look like you’ve been sitting in an office all day either.

DO Wear Something From The House

Perhaps the strongest way to impress your date is by wearing something from your house. He or she will be Retired someday, and may feel that they never get a chance to see your home collection. Wear clothes from your bedroom rather than something from your mom ‘s house.

DON’T Wear Something Too revealing

While you’re laying in bed at night thinking about how sexy you’d like to be, this is exactly the moment you’re trying to get this date thinking, “Slow down!” Studies show women are uneasy about casual dress. Gauge your date’s reaction to see if he’s going for that look. Clothes too tight can be off-putting, because now your date will be wondering whether or not that’s how you dress all the time. Wearing something you feel comfortable in will always look great, because you’re not worried about wearing something all figured out.

DO Smile And Make Lots Of Eye Contact

Men want to know that you are having a good time. You can remain cheerful and upbeat, but you don’t want to give away all your secrets. Smile and laugh, but don’t get drunk. Showing your teeth is always sexy, and good eye contact is a way to invite him to listen. There’s nothing more seductive than a woman who looks you right in the eye.

DON’T Let Your Hair Down

Many women when they’re a bit nervous that they completely forget how to have a good time. Tame down your wandering eyes. The day or night is just agettable if you look at your watch and immediately look at someone else. Let that person be the one to look away first.

DO Be Casual

Don’t all be silent if you notice a chance to chat about your pets, newest sneakers, or a new dishwasher. Chances are, your date is as interested in how great they look as much as you are. Don’t get all gamous and start spilling your guts. This is your chance to make him spill his guts, too.

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