Don’t Be Blind to Yourself

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It took me a long time to figure out some answers to some of life’s greatest questions. I learned to really speak to people and look beyond exterior things. It’s easy to be arm candy and project the outer package to a guy but my value didn’t come from a pickup truck it came from within. I determined I had something about me no one could ever destroy so I began to work on personal stuff. I studied what made me successful in life and many of those things became a part of who I was.

My burden was not carrying all the weight of the world all by myself. I was no longer living that other life. There was nothing that could or would destroy that. Everything came from me. I was my ownmaster.

I had to make myself adapt to who I was. I had to be willing to put myself in position to learn where I was valuable. I had to admit the things I mattered came from me. They absolutely no where near what was on the TV. Or my magazines. There was a purity and focus in me no man could achieve so easily.

That’s when I got the part of the male-female dynamic. I was at a point in my life where, at least technically, I knew more about myself than I knew about women. So, I set out to prove to everyone that women were no longer mystery, but complications in a guy’s path to manhood.

I had to figure out how to be the man every woman wanted. What would this mean? Simple. Either you were going to be prom king or merely being had as a dinner companion. No thanks.

Instead of trying to figure it out I decided to do something about it. All that reaction could really do is ensure an uncomfortable evening. Much better to just make friends with a girl and find a way to let her know that I think she’s wild. Or, worst case scenario, I truly think she’s interesting and would love to continue conversation. So, I became expert on female body language.

Upper my graduate school career I taught myself again through intense study of body language. It became clear that what you say is not as important as your nonverbal communication and less than half of communication is verbal. Did you know women say over 75% of the messages they convey is through their body language?

What I learned on the subject amazed me. Men, in general, were so self absorbed about the kinds of messages they were sending women through their body language, they didn’t even realize what they were saying. Women are completely different. They can say just about anything with their body language and receive or send a strong message. Her words don’t matter, only her nonverbal signals.

The best advice for guys dating is to figure out what messages you are sending and change them. If you are sending signals that are unappealing to the women you are interested in you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s so easy to attract a beautiful woman just by learning what to send out from your body language and your tone of voice. Setting up the perfect romantic ambience with music, lighting, and drinks and calling a specific woman by name will give you a way better chance of attracting and setting up a romantic date than by sending out signals that are weaker and ones she may pick up on instinctively.

Don’t make dating a hit and give up if it isn’t working. There are more ways than one to get the woman you really want and it always pays to try. Try several different ways to attract woman and see which one works best. It takes practice so practice dating and use those practice methods on other women to get the most accurate results.

Be yourself and practice in front of the mirror; it can be best for your dating career and life.

Remember dating is a serious process and very few women are interested in a one night stand or casual dating, they want a man that gives a serious relationship a chance.

Women want security and commitment but not a provider or growth. They want fun and excitement but not too much fun that they can’t enjoy it.

Women want a man to understand them. They believe most men don’t know what they want so they will go through a relationship instead of finding a golden opportunity.

They wanted to feel endless emotions but most men don’t. So this is why your date fell apart. And this is why you are left wondering over whether you are going to see her again. But the answer is, just carry on, she was once a great woman for you…

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